On a trip of a lifetime to India we stumbled upon a perfume store in Rajasthan. I purchased the shop's stock of crystal glass bottles on a whim. Told of their unlikely arrival by India Post, promised to follow my dream if they arrived safely home. I continued to follow my nose to the USA to get certified under world renowned alchemist Mandy Aftel.  

Founding the Perfume Playground™ sat alongside an immersion into the natural world which included certification in flower essences, aromatherapy, medical herbalism, plant shamanism & Rongoa Maori Medicine which complements my Bachelor of Science. 

This unique combination of scent, science and wonder lead to the development of the Perfume Playground™.

Within the first year of business we hosted one thousand club members in three global locations and made over fifty fragrances for brands, events or to mark a special occasion. Not a day goes by where we don't experiment with scent & science designing and sharing shimmering layers of prestige fragrance.

Perfume is probably the most sophisticated creation one can make; it's very intellectual. It's the most valuable product of our spirit.



to raise the vibration and creative endeavours of others; 

exploration of scent, soul + science.

refinement of ideas, people and places into fine fragrance that is natural, empowering, 

precious and personal; performance perfume

to give more than we take. 

a multi-sensory space to restore your connection to self & the land; 

to enjoy your wonder & wisdom.


perfume is the music of my dreams




Hello, I'm Samantha.

I longed for a perfume that was luxurious, natural and could be used to evoke change in mood and overall wellbeing.

I founded the Perfume Playground™ for you to rediscover the natural world, to connect with your natural wonder and wisdom; to reclaim your senses. I teach, sharing my knowledge freely at our Sensory Experiences. 

The Scent Studio observes, studies and explores how natural materials combine. Using Scent Soul Science we're driven to make lives better with Natural Fragrance Design. Each design stimulates your mind-body connection with nature, celebrating beauty in all forms. 





We work to uncover you brands true essence and translate it into luxurious natural scent for distribution, using cruelty-free ingredients.



Host a private scent session. It's magical.



Explore with friends and family.



1. What do you do at Perfume Playground (PP) (what do you love about it)?

I do a whole mixed bag of things at PP! Helping Sam design fragrance and branding to its greatest potential is my favourite part. I am fascinated by the healing properties of nature, which is what drew me to PP in the first place because of it's use of scent soul science to create natural fragrance. Exploring and learning all about this further as I help with perfume creation is a whole heap of fun.
2. What do you do when you’re not at PP?
You'll most likely find me roaming around Cornwall Park gazing at the trees and flowers - film camera in hand. Reading about essential oils has also been a recent hobby! 
3. Tell me about a time when you were in pure joy? 
There is this one time which came to mind, I was hiking in the Waitakere Ranges... after setting up camp- I went for a wander. I stumbled across a gap in the bushes, revealing the most intense sunset I have ever seen. It was scarlet red and brushed with blazing orange. I swore to myself I would never forget this treasure I had witnessed! 
4. What do you avoid at all costs? 
WASPS. I had a "near death" experience (an over-exaggeration but seemed like it to my 13 year old mind), when a nest of wasps exploded under my foot whilst orienteering on Mt Eden, and I was stung 11 times. Every time I see a wasp nowadays- I seriously freak and embarrass myself. 
5. What are you listening to / watching / following that makes you move?
A band called Still Woozy I am really enjoying for their up-tempo, electronic, jazzy tunes. I love taking a walk and feeling energized by their music.