The New Zealand Perfume House established in 2016 after a kiwi corporate, with a degree in Psychology and Pharmacology, followed her nose to become a certified natural perfumer, under world renowned Mandy Aftel.


In 2015, Samantha Copland headed to India where she found glass perfume bottles. After purchasing the whole shop she sent them home setting the intention to follow her dream if they turned up unbroken.

Needless to say, the unique fragrance experiences on offer are full of risk and reward, satisfying the
physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Samantha creates custom perfumes free of synthetic, glycols, parabens and petrochemicals, in complex formulas with the most precious natural ingredients. Her vision didn't stop there so she introduced wellbeing measurements and audio meditations that match your scent to your lifestyle motivations.


Celebrating the playful, rollercoaster of life with you in sensory form, the Perfume Playground introduces your 'future fragrance' a new approach to perfume design which encapsulates the charm of scent balanced by the discomfort of meditation and enhancing one's productivity.

Crafted using the finest and most exquisite ingredients, experiencing your 'future fragrance' is magical and performance-driven in equal measure.



The custom experience is not for the faint-hearted, so Samantha designed a social scent club which enables you to explore scent with friends and family, designing and creating your own.

As the playground expands into Australia and USA, Samantha collaborates with brands exclusively, working within wellness, beauty and the arts. 



Obsessed with energy and increasing one's wellbeing, Samantha loves to research and experiment with scent and how you can better SLEEP, WORK, EAT & PLAY. 

All colabs are centred around improving these wellbeing focus areas.

Using scent, science and soul, Samantha shares motivational stories for individuals and groups, connecting people with themselves and the natural world around them.