Samantha Copland


Hey, I create scent made fresh for your wellbeing. I match your lifestyle motivations with aroma and technology to empower the way you sleep, work, eat and play. We say no to synthetics, parabens & petrochemicals.  I'm a certified natural perfumer trained by world renowned alchemist Mandy Aftel (USA), certified in aromatherapy (Aotearoa, New Zealand), Bach & Heart 2 Shine flower essences (Australia), plant shamanism, medical herbalism and Rongoa Maori Medicine.  I've created fun sensory experiences for you to discover and design scent and connect with your natural wonder and wisdom. We also work with brands such as Lululemon, Air New Zealand, Ecoya, Auckland Art Gallery, Work Club Global & Viceland. Perfume Playground is my dream come true, I can't wait to share it with you. 

Lilly Grace Robb 


My favourite scents are Raspberry isolate, Bergamot, and Ambriene. Given an affinity for nature through my name, I love the natural world and how we exist within it. I'm also very interested in the relationship between nature and technology and how two opposing ideas can work to enhance each other - the same way that people do. I'm certified in Australian Bush Essences and study Visual Communications which compliments my interest in nature and technology in a serendipitous way.