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Club Member | Anna Adams

Anna Adams, Perfume Playground Club Member.
1. Tell us about yourself Anna!

Aside from being a perfume enthusiast I keep busy working for an amazing iNGO and being Mamma to two young(ish) boys. I was born and bred in NZ but moved to Europe in 2005, living in Dublin and then Stockholm, until returning to NZ with my family in Dec 2018.

2. How did you discover Perfume Playground?

It might have been Google, I’m not sure anymore. I have always loved fragrances & started my natural fragrance journey about a year & a half ago and one thing led to another and I became hooked on the playground!

3.2020 was a tough year  for many of us, how did you manage and cope with that turbulent time? (It could be in regards to your personal life, career, wellness, personal journey, anything!)

It could have been worse, for many it was. There was a lot of pressure, socially, economically & the uncertainty created a lot of anxiety. Our bubble was struggling to manage staying balanced, at times it was exhausting. We tried very hard to keep routines & enjoyed the little things like riding bikes in the street & enjoyed the peaceful hum of our usually busy city.


4. What are some exciting plans you have for 2021 and beyond?

We’ve booked a flight, this would not have been so novel 2 years ago! We are renovating (who isn’t) and we have exciting projects kicking off at work. I also hope to create more fragrances too 🙂

5. What scents do you usually enjoy? (e.g. at your home, office space, to wear etc.)

I love scents, period. I ride my bike to work and get a nose full of goodness daily; anything from the coffees brewing in cafes to the wild & changeable scents of Papatūānuku. Scents I like to wear vary, depending on the season, my mood, the occasion. My tastes have also changed over time…it’s never static. Scents evoke memories and alter moods, they are powerful as well as playful!



6. Do you use natural products/fragrances yourself, if so why?

I’ve been replacing products with more natural/sustainable alternatives for a while. In the early days, it often meant compromising, but I find it so much easier to get high-performance and/or luxury goods that hit the mark for being sustainable and/or natural. The sustainable journey began for me many years ago, there were a number of factors bringing me to this place, but they all converged at a point of living & consuming more consciously.

7. Anything else you would like to share with us that might inspire others (you could even tell us your life’s motto!)?

Dream big, have a toolbox to manage disappointment or setbacks, be resilient and open. Love & enjoy your people and look after Papatūānuku.


Club Member | Samantha Gerard

Samantha Gerard, the Founder and Director of Wild Hearts.
1. Tell us about yourself Samantha!

I am the Founder & Director of Wild Hearts in New Zealand. A beautiful platform connecting and inspiring couples, lovers and wedding vendors. With a background in Fashion, Styling and Event Planning, I am extremely lucky to have a business that encompasses all three. I am a creative soul, who loves to adventure beautifully wild destinations, based in a little city by the ocean with my family. We travel often and love the opportunity to work with so many different creative businesses around New Zealand.


2. How did Wild Hearts start?

When we moved home from Melbourne in 2013, my husband and I were newly engaged and noticed a huge gap in the market for boutique wedding fairs that were beautifully styled, entertaining, inspiring, a mix of fashion week and featuring the best creative vendors around. No chair covers and hot pink organza! 

So in 2016 after running my own wedding styling business we created Wild Hearts and then launched it nationwide in 2017. Now we run events all over New Zealand and have worked with the most amazing brands including Karen Walker, Together Journal, Juliette Hogan, Bobbi Brown, Bayly & Moore, Chasewild, Seedlip, Veuve Clicquot and so many more. 

  1. COVID was tough for many of us, how did you manage and cope with the restrictions? (It could be in regards to your personal life and/or career)

What a crazy year! It was definitely a challenging one for those of us in the events biz. We were very lucky that our platform was also digital, so we really invested everything into this to keep us going and keep our couples and vendors connected. It was really important to us to keep positive and be the light the industry needed through this tough time. And don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty tough out there, but we are very lucky to be living in such an amazing country. The time to slow down and reassess has been invaluable. We have connected with our audience on a much deeper level and had time to make big changes in business and life! 


  1. You started creating a creative masterclass, doing weekly online courses led by NZ & Australias top wedding vendors during COVID. Tell us more about this!

Yes! The Creative Master Class by Wild Hearts (or CMC as we like to call it) was literally thrown together during lockdown as a way to get our Vendors in this industry to be inspired and use the time to grow their businesses and emerge from the slow months, not at a stand still, but strong and empowered. We had the most incredible lineup of speakers that shared their knowledge and experiences in live Power Sessions and interviews. It was a pretty amazing experience.  

  1. What are some exciting plans you have in mind for Wild Hearts?

2021 is going to be an amazing year and I am very excited to announce a few exciting things we have coming up very soon. A little hint… the CMC has been reinvented, we will be talking more about sustainable business AND there maybe just be some Wedding Fairs back on the horizon… watch this space. 


  1. What scents do you enjoy? (e.g. at your home, office space, to wear etc.)

I love scents and always have to have a candle or incense burning. I am always inspired by beautiful smells, music, sunlight  and spaces. I am really loving the fresh citrus vibes at the moment and to contrast some deep woods and lavender to calm the soul.


  1. Anything else you would like to share with us that might inspire others (you could even tell us your life’s motto!)?

One of my absolute favourite quotes “That was her magic— she could still see the sunset even on those darkest days.” by  Atticus Poetry – is a nice one to remember at the moment. Practice gratitude daily and remember there is still magic even on those hard days.