ClubNo. 25 Amanda Jheng

No. 25 Amanda Jheng

Amanda Jheng attended a Classic Club workshop, curious about the theory behind creating unique fragrance and how it is customised. Amanda, thanks for exploring and getting creative with us!

Amanda, tell us about yourself?

Hi everyone, I’m Amanda. I work for a freight forwarding company as a Key Account Manager. I’m also learning Hip Hop dance in my spare time. 

I’m planning to start a side hustle, so am doing some research at the moment.

What inspired you to attend a natural fragrance workshop?

I’ve always loved fragrances, I have plenty of perfume, scents, and candles at home. Really curious how they are made, and wondered if we could customise it, so I went to Google, and the Perfume Playground popped up.

Tell us about the type of fragrance you created?

My fragrance blend is a combination of Apricot, Fir Absolute and Petitgrain, sweet and refreshing.

What did you enjoy most (or what surprised you most) about the experience?

The steps of making perfume, from choosing our favourite scent for top notes, medium notes and base notes then trying different combination, I really enjoyed that process, knowing that we are creating something unique, that’s what motivated me.

How does scent influence your beauty, performance, or wellbeing routines?

After a busy day or on weekends, I like to light up some candles, to help myself relax. My favourite candle scent at the moment is Lilly and French Pear.

What scent makes you nostalgic and where, what or who does it connect you with?

Leather. It takes me back to memories of childhood when living with my grandparents, the smell of their leather sofa.

Can you share with our audience, your favourite quote or piece of advice?

I am currently listening to Jim Rohn, and would like to share these two quotes.

“If you’re not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

“Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure”

Everything is a risk, our everyday life is a risk, if we stop trying and taking the risk, guess where we would be?

Anything else you would like to share with us that might inspire others (you could even tell us your life’s motto!)?

It’s important to keep learning, to keep trying in life, don’t just sit there and watch, get your hands dirty, get into it and experience it. Live the most of it.

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