JournalBest Scents for Creative block

Best Scents for Creative block

Creative blocks happen for various reasons. One of the most common causes of a creative block is the fear of imperfection – a common hindrance for creatives. There are many ways we can combat creative hurdles, and scent is a powerful method of increasing stimulation and getting our creative juices flowing.

Within your brain is a web of cells called the “limbic system,” which control your emotions, mood, and intuitions. When essential oil scents are inhaled, they reach the top of your nose (known as the olfactory bulb), which connects to your limbic system. When the fragrance traverses through this system, it evokes an emotional response.

The next time you feel blocked, try one of the scents below to open up your creative channels.

Tangerine – The joy oil 

Our creativity can be drained by the feeling of rigidity and strict standards. Tangerine can help us break through this burdening feeling with a sense of playfulness and bliss. The sharp, citrusy smell of tangerine is excellent for uplifting gloomy feelings and brings grades of levity and fun to our work. The next time you feel overwhelmed or discouraged, tap into tangerine’s buoyant reservoir.

Bergamot -The stress-buster

Bergamot is excellent when you need to intercept intrusive thoughts or understand what elements are getting in your way. Bergamot oil’s charming scent encourages balance while decreasing tension and stress. When you’re feeling swamped or anxious, a spritz of bergamot will help block out negative energy and allow you to stay focused. 

Lavender: The communicator

Lavender is typically considered a relaxation oil, which enables it to supply us with an open-minded feeling. It helps us explore our thoughts and emotions and allows us to express those ideas creatively. Lavender soothes the insecurities that occasionally surface when we start a new task or explore new concepts. It can relieve uneasy feelings, even when the ability to discern scents is lost. This delicate flower liberates us to sincerely and emotionally communicate in our work.


Clary sage: The oil of clarity and vision

With its spicy and grassy scent, clary sage helps quiet the mind and brings us to a state of presence. This is the ideal scent for anxious fidgeters and overthinkers.

When we require mental clarity, clary sage is perfect for changing perceptions, relinquishing limiting beliefs about our work, and opening us up to new possibilities. Clary sage can encourage us to lean into our intuition and expand our horizons.

Jasmine: The confidence booster

With its soft, sensual, and slightly sweet properties, Jasmine is euphoric to the mind, body, and spirit. The euphoric effects boost productivity and imagination – an ideal oil when we feel like there is too much pressure to create. The elated feeling we get from Jasmine can encourage us to feel assured and willing to tackle any project that comes our way. 


Peppermint – The invigorator 

Peppermint oil has a rejuvenating scent that can stimulate concentration. Peppermint is a terrific booster during long work sessions or when you’re stuck in a creative rut. This can help free us from distractions and boost our spirits – especially when we feel unmotivated. The next time you feel drained after a long meeting or need a little pick me up, turn to peppermint!

Whether you realise it or not, your sense of smell can alter your state and nourish your creativity. Employing any of these oils can help conduct positive mental shifts and inspire fantastic work.


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