What Champagne Day means to us 

Whether you’re celebrating your graduation, engagement, new job, your best friend’s wedding, or New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight, your festivities likely have several things in common; happiness, friends, family and… Champagne.

Before we let you know what Champagne means to us, let’s clear up any confusion; For wine to be called ‘Champagne’ it must be produced in the Champagne region of France, and the grapes used for the blend have to be grown in that same region. Also, Champagne must be produced according to a very particular method. Without any of these characteristics, it’s just sparkling wine! 

Champagne’s popularity can be traced back to the French courts, where it was the primary drink served at coronation banquets and other special occasions. It also became commonplace for French monarchs to gift European royals bottles of wine from Champagne. 

Today, champagne lovers worldwide celebrate a day dedicated to their favourite drink. Champagne Day is an annual event which takes place in October on the fourth Friday of the month. It began in 2009, an idea devised by Californian blogger and wine tutor Chris Oggenfus. Over the years, it has fast become a day enjoyed by Champagne lovers around the world. 

As lovers of natural fragrance, we appreciate the natural ingredients, tradition and masterful craft that brings Champagne to life. But we also love that Champagne symbolises all things congratulatory and light. 

Why not take a moment this International Champagne Day to celebrate the beautiful moments in life? We’ll be doing just that at our Perfume & Champagne Workshops this October. Yes, there will be perfume, yes, we’ll teach you how to create your own beautiful bespoke natural fragrance, but we’ll also share a glass of méthode champenoise and raise a toast to you, to our day together and to whatever you’re thankful for. 

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