It’s scientifically proven and known from our lived experiences that scent fuses with our memories, grounding them in the nostalgia of forever-land. Scent helps us recall important people and moments in more colour, delivering them to us as a means to re-live whenever we wish.  

For these reasons and more, we’re fully on board with aroma inspired gift-giving. If it sounds like your bag too, we’ve got you covered with our playful Christmas gift guide.  

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First on your list, your significant other – Create a bespoke scent made with fragrance notes that symbolise your memories together.  Join one of our Classic Clubs or get in touch and let us create a custom parfum at a private experience with the help of your heart-led brief. 


Next on the list, is the Inventive. A Masterclass gift voucher is perfect. In this full-day workshop and with access to 100’s botanical essences and the latest aroma science, the scent scholar gets to be fully inventive in their fragrance designs, and create 4-6 scents on the day!

Scent Diffuser Black

For the homebody, our Tadaima Home fragrance diffuser is a wonderful gift! It has a sleek black frame comprising one continuous line with a Japanese-crafted disk that gently diffuses fragrance without heat, flame, or electricity. This is the perfect addition to your bathroom or office desk for more tranquility. 


A friend to keep.

You may not have seen your bestie in person for a while, so until you can get back together and wreak beautiful havoc in the world, why not gift them something they’ll enjoy. Our Native and Wild Workshop is best for your friend whom you won’t get the chance to see in person this season. It’s taught online and comes in a beautifully crafted gift boxes with everything your bestie will need to create their own solid perfume. You can buy one for yourself too and enjoy doing them together online!


Want to do a family day funday? We’ve got you covered!

Book a bespoke party with us and bring the whole family over.  You’ll come out with a lifelong memory of your afternoon and a luxury natural fragrance each, to mark the occasion. 

And lastly, don’t forget about your associates!

They’ve worked so hard this past year and what better way to reward them than to have an end of year team event. This is also an opportunity to break down the barriers and relax through play and creative fragrance selection. A unique, fun event with the added bonus of bespoke natural perfumes for every attendee to take home.  

May this season be as meaningful as ever.

With love and seasons greetings,

Perfume Playground team

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