ClubNo. 23 Club Forma

No. 23 Club Forma

Meet Sahar Farzanfar & Hayden Thin founders of Club Forma, a boutique personal training club in Richmond, Melbourne.

We’d love for you to introduce yourselves?

We’re Sahar and Hayden, the duo behind Club Forma. Hayden, managing director of the club is a fitness professional practicing in the fitness industry for 25 years and excited to share all he’s gathered over the years with the Club Forma family. Sahar is an architect and also qualified as a personal trainer, a partner in the business and more involved in the behind-the-scene problem solving. 

Tell us about Club Forma and what inspired its creation?

Club Forma is all about the clients and community. It was created to fill a gap in the fitness industry, offering a lux space that places emphasis on all aspects of the client experience.

Why did you feel called to pay attention to spatial scenting?

Touching on the above, we see spatial scenting as one of the attributes of a lux space that creates a lux experience for the clients.

How do you want people to feel as they walk in the doors of Club Forma?

The scent [Lemon, Geranium, Patchouli & Myrrh] is set to make them feel energised but calm and comfortable. A feeling somewhere between resort style luxury and motivating freshness. The scent is a part of many components that ultimately make Club Forma clients feel excited about another great training session ahead as they walk in.

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Can you share one of your favourite scent memories?

Hayden: Jasmine at my grandmother’s house, growing up
Sahar: walking into, or even passing a spice shop in Iranian Bazaars

What advice would you give to anyone embarking on an entrepreneurial journey?

If you believe you offer something that adds value to the community, don’t think too much or too long, just jump – and be ready to go in 150% or not at all.

Last book you read, or podcast you listened to?

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro followed by a very special tiny book called: Reflections, for Someone Special by Brock Tully.

What’s your take on life/work balance?

Sahar: Difficult to maintain, important as everyone always says, but sometimes necessary to leave it out the door to make things happen.

Hayden: Make sure you do what you love.

We’re living in challenging times. Do you have any daily wellbeing rituals or advice for combatting stress which might be of help to our readers?

Sahar: Consistent 10 mins daily meditation goes a long way  

Hayden: Exercise, 3-4 times a week min. (of course!) 

How would you describe your scent design journey with Perfume Playground? 

Fun, informative, to the point, creative and a little bit unexpected – in a nice way!


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