Clubno. 5 Kate Jarrett

no. 5 Kate Jarrett

Kate Jarrett, Director of Loxys in New Zealand talks about her journey within the business, her YAY moments and why she chose a Scent Design workshop for her company’s Christmas Party.

Kate Jarrett, tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a 32 year old Mumma of 2, business owner and woman trying to find myself in this wild, amazing world.

Despite our current pandemic circumstances, what are some of your ‘yay’ moments?

Two lockdowns this year provided me a great opportunity to work ‘on’ my business rather than ‘in’ it. It also meant some much needed rest for me! I was due to open a second location the same week of lockdown 1.0 and was near burnout after having my second child and the business’s expansion, so it really gave me an opportunity to recoup before opening and go into it with my best foot forward. I’d also say YAY to a lot more time with my girls, and a break from our normal routine.

Share a few things about Loxy’s! (e.g. What is your Loxy’s journey? Why Loxy’s? etc.

Loxy’s is a full service hair salon that specialises in a unique method of hair extensions which involves no gluing or braiding. I don’t have a hairdressing background myself, the business was born out of my love for hair extensions and training in them purely as a hobby before they became my full blown passion. I started Loxy’s from a shack (a rented portacom) on my front lawn, and the rest is history.

We’re a team of 20 across two locations now and I’m obsessed with my team who deliver on our world class client experience each and every day. We still have clients who have been visiting Loxy’s since the shack days, and my heart sings every time a client walks through our doors and chooses to call us their happy place.

What are some of the key elements in running Loxy’s as a director and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Haha great question… still figuring this one out after kids, business expansion and general life stresses over the last few years. I know I truly understand the whole putting on your own oxygen mask first thing. Before it made sense but it’s only clicked for me in the last year or so. I am so much more productive and able to deal with the daily curveballs that come with life, when I’m well rested and taking care of myself. My non negotiables are:

  • Sleep (I’m often in bed as soon as my kids go down!)
  • Exercise
  • Meditation / mindfulness practices
  • FUN

Without all of the above, the wheels fall off and it’s not good for anybody.

Do you use fragrances on a daily basis/to work? If so, what type of scents do you enjoy and how does it make you feel?

I do! I have a bunch of favourite fragrances and choose a different one each day depending on my mood and what energy I need to embody on that day. I love lighter more florally fragrances, and these delicate couple of sprays are always the final part of my beauty routine combined with a few deep breaths of enjoying the scent before I head into my day.

Share us your daily routine!

I tend to wake up naturally around 6am. I’ll either exercise or meditate before my girls wake up, it puts me in a great space for the rest of the day.

After kindy drop off I head to the salon and my days are spent bouncing between my two salon locations, in meetings, and in the office nailing my to-do list.

I head home around 4ish each day to the girls and head into dinner/bath routine.

It’s not an overly glamorous daily routine right now hahaha but I steal moments for myself where I can and try to practice an intentional life filled with joy and appreciating the simple things.

During Christmas, Loxy’s did a Scent Design workshop with Perfume Playground for their Christmas Party. Tell us what you think of it and why did you choose us?

We did! We loved it. We really wanted to do something as a team that was different to the normal christmas party (where you go out and drink and not much else). We wanted to have a beautiful memento of the experience too so the scent design workshop worked perfectly for us. It was so interesting to see what different scents everyone was drawn to and the team loved being able to take their perfume home and understand what it was made up from. It was such a great experience!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about doing a Christmas Party with us?

Go with an open mind and see where the day takes you! You won’t regret it.

Anything else you would like to share with us that might inspire others?

My life’s  motto changes yearly (if not monthly or weekly haha)… but for right now it’s constantly remembering that good things come from challenging times, and daily reminders that I can do hard things. These reminders have come in handy during a year like 2020!

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