Would you like to indulge you senses, go natural and empower yourself with a natural fragrance? 

Technology is changing the way we live. Memory, emotion and smell are deeply connected. You can now have a custome scent handcrafted to suit your lifestyle.

Our new Perfume Playground™ approach connects your mind-body goals with your signature scent. Whether it’s about more energy or creating space to relax and rejuvenate it’s infused with aroma-science and soul to anchor in what you need.  Synthetic perfume concentrates on beauty only and some ingredients maybe harmful to your body.

As our lifestyles get busier use science and scent to master your connection with your own wonder & wisdom.

Founder & Formulator, Samantha Copland holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology & Psychology. She is certified in Natural Perfume, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Plant Shamanism, Medical Qi Gong and Flower Essence Therapies.


We design fragrance for your pleasure; to help you sleep, focus, nourish your body and play with more harmony and balance.  All fragrance is free of synthetics, parabens, glycols, petrochemicals & is made with love.

Your custom fragrance is waiting  for you – thank you.