Reorder your fragrance

If you thought only A-Listers could have their own signature scent – you’re wrong. Any scent you’ve made with us can be re-ordered. Just choose from a 30ml or 50ml bottle, and we’ll recreate your bespoke scent and deliver it to your door.

Scent session

We’d love to host you to design your own natural scent. We curate a scent bar to your liking with a fragrant questionnaire before your visit. Over 2 hours we cover a Discovery, Blending, and Bottle session to design a signature scent each. There’s a minimum of two people and each person takes home a 50ml Eau de parfum. Your perfume design will be on file for reordering so you can remember your remarkable experience.

If you’re booking as a present we’ll create a digital gift card that you can share and we work with you to arrange the perfect time to host your personalised experience. We know you’ll have a magical time! We host private sessions in Auckland and Melbourne.

Recently described as ‘beautiful,enlightening & addictive’.



Its signature scent has notes of cognac and cedarwood to keep the studio’s aroma fresh.

Casey Vassallo

It was the biggest of all hits. She absolutely loved it – blown away actually! You have restored her faith – in me!

Michael Venus

I am actually attracted to my own scent. I wear it every day and every time I put it on I breathe deeply and feel alive, empowered, and sexy! I love your work, your approach, your enthusiasm, and your encouragement.

Tui Fleming

I never wore scent every day before now. I really love how it works with my biochemistry and changes over time on my skin.

Cat Stone

Wow. My mind is blown. I feel so calm and honest. I'm still digesting everything. You really have a profound gift!

Belinda Nash

I loved that is was such a personal and unique occasion. The resulting natural perfume is truly beautiful. It's a bold, fragrant, evocative scent which personifies my tastes in a bottle.

Jess Tulp

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