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We design fragrances for retail spaces, fashion shows, art exhibitions, Media launches, and events. We want to share the passion for scents’ ability to inspire, connect and be wholly life-enhancing.

Our spatial scenting ranges from 1-2 days for an event or as an ongoing monthly agreement.

Spatial Scenting

The sense of smell is the most influential to our memory and emotion.
Scent has the ability to shift moods and instill more memorable moments.
Up to 75% of all the emotions we experience on a daily basis are generated by what we smell – not what we see or hear.


Scent works alongside other sensory elements to increase brand recognition, preference & loyalty.
A brand fragrance has the ability to evoke connections to the brand and strengthen the brand identity.
Scent sets a lasting first impression that connects emotionally on deeper levels.
Up to 82% of consumers spend more time in a place that was pleasantly scented.
Scent can evoke a warm feeling of familiarity and trigger memories.



We created a spatial scent that smells like Jay-Z to inspire community & strength.

The scent is uplifting and expansive and ensures a rewarding training experience before, and during the after-class debrief.

With fragrant notes of Cold Pressed Australian Mandarin, Cognac & Cedarwood, the fresh scent circulates in the welcome area using cold-air diffusion technology.

The fragrance is 100% natural, evidence-led fragrance, with no petrochemicals, glycols, parabens, or synthetics.

It’s high energy plays into STRONG and its COMMUNITY; safety, sweat, science, selfies, and strength.

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