The world of perfumery is abundant, ready for you to dive in and learn about a world of scent, soul, and science. If you’re intrigued by natural fragrance and its well-being benefits, we’d love to host you at our upcoming Perfume Masterclass.

Use your creative freedom to create up to six fragrances, exploring and learning with every blend. With fragrance hosts Samantha Copland & Astrid Crosland at your side, this is an incredible opportunity to raise your natural perfume game. 

You’ll learn about the natural botanicals used all over the world to create perfumes, blending techniques, and the step-by-step process of creating beautiful scent evolutions, which is easier said than done!

Experience the romance of perfume isolates and how we use them to be more commercial as well as create new scents and longevity in natural fragrance.

With a playful approach to learning, this day is for you to experiment, and be hands-on with the materials. It’s a day you’ll remember forever, in the surroundings of other scent lovers.


DATE: Sunday, 22 September 2024
TIME: 10:00am – 4.30pm
LOCATION: Melbourne with Sam and Auckland with Astrid


A scent design workshop hosted by a perfume expert trained by Founder, Samantha Schrader
Access to a fragrance and essence lab with over 100 natural essences
Design up to six fragrances.
Nibbles and refreshments provided

Scent Bar

The fragrance bar includes over 100 botanicals from global suppliers, with specialty flower essences for improved mood and motivation. We have deep knowledge of Asia- Pacific Natives.

Education Immerse yourself in the world of natural perfumery with a scent expert whose tapestry of interests leads to an amazing, educational exchange, tasting, demonstration, and hosting of an experimental scent session. Workshops cover a range of topics.

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