JournalHow To Make a Great First Impression

How To Make a Great First Impression

It’s been said that the first impression you make depends on how you smell. A powerful scent can convey strength and a friendly one can bring warmth. Everyone has his or her own individual scent. But what it smells like, how strong it is, and how you feel about it are all up to you.

Why do we have to consider fragrance?

Whether it’s the charmingly flowery fragrance of a womens perfume, or the intoxicating scent of an aftershave that draws you in — fragrance plays an important part in our lives. But the question is, why are we so drawn to them?

Choosing a fragrance for yourself is not as simple as it seems. Your friends that love the smell of you using that perfume, or cologne may be the people who are close to you, but the effect it has on others or people in general won’t be exactly the same. In fact, some women will actually react unfavorably and feel nauseated if their significant other wears a scent that’s too strong and overbearing.


Photo by Wesley Davi


Photo by Beyzaa Yurtkuran

If you’re not sure what kind of fragrance notes your perfume has, try to picture what the scent reminds you of after it has been absorbed into your skin for a while.

The most important thing about wearing perfume is how to wear it! Many people tend to give themselves a cologne bath prior to going on a date or meeting someone for the first time. Even if the scent is pleasing, it may overpower you. You will want your new date or prospective employer to remember everything about you—not just that delicious smell! What we mean by this is that when making an impression with perfume, it’s important not only for people to like the way you smell but also for them to be able to remember everything about their first impression.

There are many ways to find your signature scent. You can go to department stores and ask for help from the employees, or you can look up reviews online—but we’re here to tell you that none of those methods are as fun or effective as smelling everything yourself!

That’s right—we know how much you love having your nose buried in a bunch of fragrances, so that’s exactly what we’re doing here in Perfume Playground™.

Let us help you discover a new fragrance that is all your own.


“Perfume is the invisible, unforgettable, fashionable accessory that announces your arrival and prolongs your departure” – Coco Chanel


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