Fragrance is a subtle yet powerful way to transform our experiences – no matter the occasion. Scent adds a dimension that cultivates a profound affinity with the world around us. In Japan, the time-honored art of kōdō – “way of fragrance” – honors scent capability through the practice of burning incense. The ritual allows participants to meditate on simple wisdom: We are what we breathe.

While essential oils are known for their relaxing benefits, they are also great for increasing energy. Following the pandemic, 2022 has somewhat reintegrated back to ‘normal’ for many people worldwide. Consequently, for many, 2023 will be a year where our simmering plans can be served up for action, and scent is a fantastic way to hone our power.

However, despite our tenacious intentions, staying motivated isn’t easy. Don’t let this hinder your goals! When you’re feeling unmotivated, taking stock and finding hacks that kick you into gear is crucial. At Perfume Playground, we genuinely believe in the transformational power of scent and love adding it to our daily practices.

Below are some energy-enhancing oils to include in your daily rituals and breaks:


Known in Chinese medicine for its clearing benefits, frankincense has powerful cognitive effects such as enhancing memory. Make 2023 your year of focus by diffusing this mighty oil on your work desk. Whether studying or completing a work project, sharpen your focus and clear your mind with frankincense. 


Like frankincense, rosemary has shown to have a stimulatory effect on improving mental awareness. Rosemary is remarkable for increasing the role of the central nervous system and can be a good choice for your afternoon slump. So next time you feel yourself reaching for that 3pm coffee, consider replacing it with a spritz of this lovely oil and a walk in the fresh air.


Lemongrass is commonly used in aromatherapy for its recharging benefits. Lemongrass can aid digestion, nausea relief, and cramping. The uses for lemongrass are endless! You might diffuse some lemongrass in your home when you want to feel more vibrant. Or, if you’re menstruating, adding a few drops of lemongrass oil to your bath will uplift your spirits and recharge your body. 


Sometimes, all we need is a confidence boost to get the ball rolling. Say hello to ylang-ylang. Ylang-ylang works to elevate mood by enhancing serotonin levels in the body. Ylang-ylang is an incredible device when preparing for an important meeting or presentation. Whether you’re pitching to clients or meeting your partner’s parents, rub a bit of ylang-ylang on your pulse points and watch yourself transform the room!

Blends to try at home

Essential oils can be smelled or absorbed in a myriad of ways. If you have an hour to spare, try oils in a massage or a soak in the bathtub. We love using the following:
Aroma sticks 
Aromatic spritzers
Body creams, oils, and lotions
Facial steamers
Himalayan Salts – we love using this in the bath tub!

Lemon and eucalyptus

Try this blend for a rejuvenating mix (or use each oil individually). Add a few drops to your diffuser to soothe mental fatigue and elevate your mood.

Square (7)
Square (8)

Lemongrass and grapefruit

Each of these oils is well-known for its remedial nerve effects. Combined, they have a comprehensive purifying and detoxifying effect on the mind and body.

Peppermint and bergamot

Excellent for relieving tension, awakening, and restoring. Each of these oils provides a boost when you are tired and overworked.

2 Bergamot - Top Note


Essential oil particles take effect by traversing straight to the brain. When used on the skin in massage base oil, they are absorbed through dermal layers and into the bloodstream. Modern-day diffusers are the most effective and efficient way to release essential oil particles into the surrounding air. It’s recommended to select pure essential oils so that you reap their benefits – and invest in a high-grade diffuser. Modern diffusers don’t require heat, so the oil’s chemical structure remains unaltered.


You can massage the diluted essential oil into your skin. Before applying it to your skin, dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil – such as coconut oil, almond oil, or avocado oil.

Whether you’re feeling stagnant or need an extra boost, utilising the power of scent is an underused yet potent way to energise and springboard you to action, no matter the challenge!

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