There are international appreciation days we could probably do without; ‘Barbershop Music Day’, ‘Button Day’, ‘Felt Hat Day’, Plush Animal Lovers Day (we kid you not). But one day we will always vouch for is International Friendship Day. Falling every year on July 30, it’s a time to celebrate and appreciate those we choose to spend life’s ups and downs alongside. 

Friendship day was first promoted in 1930 by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards, Inc. Hearing this now, you’d probably have the same reaction as those at the time. It screams of a marketing ploy. But with time, the day was adopted worldwide and given much deeper resonance. So much so that in 2011, the United Nations proclaimed the International Day of Friendship with the understanding that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

While the notion of an appreciation day can sometimes beget the sentiment that what’s of value should be cherished every day of the year, we think there’s nothing better than a day that’s completely and utterly dedicated to those we love. For friends who have stood by us through thick and thin, we’ll embrace this day, regardless of how it came about.

If when we speak of friendship day, someone pops into your mind above everyone else, you’re both welcome at our very special International Friendship Day workshop. Held in our Auckland and Melbourne locations, this is a day to celebrate your friendship as you learn to craft your own luxury natural fragrances. Create for yourselves, or create for each other. Anything goes. This day is yours.

Happy Friendship Day to everyone we’ve met along our Perfume Playground journey. We bonded with each of you through our passion for scent, and we couldn’t think of a more beautiful way for our paths to have crossed. We are so excited to host our International Friendship Day and to help you craft a perfume that’s infused with memories and the spirit of love.

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