Perfume is like a new dress, it make you quite simply marvellous – Estee Lauder

Humans are emotional beings with a “desire” or passion for life on earth. We’re chasing the desire for love, for a frame, for beauty, for wellbeing. We’ve an inherent motivation for our lives to be a unique, enjoyable journey. Fragrance stimulates the five senses and is able to activate this desire. Alongside, eau de toilette and colognes, solid perfume also stands up in the fragrance wonderland.

What is a solid perfume – we use jojoba oil and beeswax
Solid perfume as a fragrance is the texture of a lip balm. Instead of spraying, solid perfume is applied to your body to make you smell fantastic.
Solid perfume requires you to grate and melt beeswax, which has a softly sweet honey-like fragrance. The melted beeswax, and we use a simple hotplate, is combined with organic jojoba oil. We use jojoba as it’s an excellent moisturiser as it’s very close to human sebum and have a longer shelf-life than other carrier oils.

New Zealand or the lungs of the earth, has 10%-15% of the total land area covered by the native plants, 80% of our trees, ferns and flowering plants are endemic.
Coprosma propinqua, New Zealand owning 45 species of coprosma. It can grow up to 4m tall, the leaves are similar to the culinary rosemary. Also, its stems covered with blueberries.

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