JournalCelebrating Matariki

Celebrating Matariki

One of the sentiments that underpin our mission is the importance of celebrating the simple beauty in nature’s complexity. For this and many other reasons, we feel connected with and inspired by the rise of Matariki.

An ancient Māori celebration, Matariki is named after the Pleiades star cluster, a group of stars which shine bright in the night sky each winter and signal the birth of a new year.

Like natural scent, Matariki reminds us of our connection to the environment. And just as Matariki is a time to acknowledge the past, celebrate the present and prepare for the year ahead, scent also connects us to the past, the present and is a conduit for transition into whatever we wish to cultivate in the future.

Here are some beautiful ways to celebrate Matariki

  • Take time to reflect and remember – honour loved ones no longer with us, the special times shared and take these beautiful memories with you, into the year ahead
  • Celebrate the present – gather your loved ones, share stories, songs, kai, laughter and gratitude
  • Look to the future – look forward with love and hope for all that will come to be in the year ahead, perhaps envisaging what you’d like to create or bring to life.
  • Matariki is about renewal – the perfect time to connect with nature and recharge your wairua/spirit. Get creative or crafty, learn a new hobby, plant a tree or vege patch, these are all symbols of new life and new beginnings.
  • Learn more about Matariki. We’ve linked some of our favourite online resources here and here packed with fun facts and also how you can spot Matariki in the night sky!


However you choose to celebrate, we wish you a very Happy Matariki. May it guide the way to a truly beautiful year ahead.

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