ClubEmbrace Spring’s Renewal

Embrace Spring’s Renewal

Embrace Spring’s Renewal with Holistic Wellness Expert Mibella Villafana

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Mibella Villafana, a true luminary in the fields of yoga, pilates, meditation, breathwork, and Reiki. Mibella’s journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of holistic wellness. Join us as we delve into her background and experiences, which have shaped her into the remarkable individual she is today.

Mibella, tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and the experiences that shaped you into the person you are today.

Hi, honoured to be here.
I am one of 4 kids from a Mexican dad and American mama who raised us in San Diego, California. Our dinner time chats always involved some type of health related debate as they both had to be advocates in their field (dad- holistic biological dental surgeon, and mum- home birth midwife) We never did anything the easy and normal way… So I think that has given me grit to push through all the life discomforts that come my way.

What was your journey like and how did you know you found your passion in holistic wellness?

Retiring from gymnastics at 16 was like my first experience of a heartbreak, so yoga kind of found me around that time. Then I was at UCLA thinking I’d go into medicine like my father, but did not want to be hunched over someone’s mouth for the rest of my life, and the whole body seemed more intriguing to me. But that was so niche and I felt it left out humanities, arts and cultures, and yoga classes that called me so I ended up with a Psychology degree, certification in yoga, and a year abroad in Barcelona.
Yoga was the thread that lived through me during all of these experiences. And seeing people discover how they could not only heal themselves, but also live in a high vibration, gave me life and a feeling of connection.

What is the significance of the Spring Equinox from a wellness perspective?

The Spring Equinox is a time to expand, transform and metamorphose.

How does the change in daylight hours during the Spring Equinox impact our circadian rhythm and overall health?

It allows us to come out of our cocoon and feel more energised and light. We start to build routines of waking up earlier and planning walks or beach activities later throughout the day. It is an incredibly powerful season for us to brush off the seasonal blues of winter and reawaken the spark we have to start building and creating again.

Are there any traditional or cultural practices related to the Spring Equinox that promote wellness and rejuvenation?

My Grandma would teach me about how the Aztecs would ascend the steps of the Pyramid of the Sun and raise their arms toward the sky to receive the spiritual energy of the Sun. Honestly, they know what’s up.

How can we align our wellness routines with the energy of the Spring Equinox to feel more in harmony with nature?

It’s important to get 30 minutes of sun a day before noon to optimise our circadian rhythm so I like to go for a walk in the morning, then make time for a yoga or pilates class throughout the day and finish with a little yin session in my home.
In my yin classes I talk about how in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring associates itself with the element of wood and corresponds to the liver and the gallbladder which moves qi throughout the body.
When you start to incorporate these practices into your day, you start to feel the cycles of energy within your body. And your body will start to tell you what you need to feel at your best.

Are there specific wellness practices that are particularly beneficial during the Spring Equinox?

Spring clean in all areas of your life. Clean your home, lighten and brighten up your diet, and get in the ocean! Negative thoughts and people are not welcome anymore. We move to lightness which is contagious, so others will move with you.

What were the highlights of the workshop for you? Any memorable moments?

Seeing my friend Emma – the perfume obsessive – mixing scents reminiscent of “a bonfire burning far away”, “hot bodies on the beach in summer” and “the sappy inside of a tree”. She’s so creative.

What foods are recommended during the Spring Equinox to support our body’s natural detoxification and renewal processes?

Drink peppermint and chamomile teas, lemon water, eat sour foods like kimchi and yoghurt, light meals with lots of greens.

How can we use the symbolism of Spring (rebirth, growth, and renewal) to set meaningful intentions for our wellness journey?

I like to imagine what my utopia would look like. Write that shhh down or draw it, but find a way to visualise and feel it in every bone. Then work backwards to derive your intentions. And stay on the path that will help you reach that goal.

Are there specific herbs or essential oils that can be used during this time to enhance our wellness rituals?

Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Yellow Dock and Schisandra and some herbal teas that help cleanse the liver.
I love citrus essential oils like lemon and lime. Lavender and Rosemary are also amazing for your spring clean.

What are some outdoor activities or exercises that can be embraced during the Spring Equinox for physical and mental well-being?

I love this one. I find it so much easier to be active in the Spring as the winter crisp and sludge wears off. Just go outside. Play more, run and jump into the ocean. And come to my pilates and early morning yoga classes 🙂

How does the Spring Equinox impact our emotional and spiritual well-being, and how can we best navigate these changes?

My 8 year old son said it best during this change of season, “my favourite thing in life is watching the sunset and going in the ocean, and your cuddles.” So honestly, just do that. Embrace the lightness and allow yourself to shed and rebirth. It’s an exciting time! You get to rewrite your future.

What are some mindful practices or breathing techniques that can help us embrace the energy of spring and reduce stress during this time?

I love Kapalabhati breath. It helps massage and tone our abdominals and organs and helps to circulate blood and oxygen. It’s an energy generator.

How can we create a holistic wellness plan that aligns with the natural rhythms of the season, taking into account both physical and emotional needs?

Incorporating rituals into your life like waking up slowly, having herbal tea or warm lemon water before your coffee. Seeing the sun whether it’s a swim or walk in nature. Prioritising movement and slowing down with a yin activity at night. Life is full of constant rainbows. You start at the bottom, peak at the top and end at the bottom. We get to enjoy them daily.

Mibella’s wisdom and holistic approach remind us to shed the old and embrace the new, both within ourselves and in our surroundings. Step into spring with a renewed sense of well-being and vitality!

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