Clubno. 12 Ian Ireland

no. 12 Ian Ireland

Meet club member Ian Ireland. A man of many travels – we’re sure he’d have many tales to tell. One way he’s telling them is through his exciting new fragrance range, currently in the works. Get to know Ian as he shares his personal scent journey.

Ian, tell us about yourself?

How long have you got? Currently, I’m taking a sabbatical – enjoying life and following a little path with fragrances. From sports psychology, to hospitality, farming and now Perfume.

What are you most passionate about in life?

Life, experiencing everything and everywhere I can. I was lucky enough to have a mother in the airline industry, so my thirst for travel and the world was bred into me from a young age.

What inspired your move toward fragrance design and creating a home range?

For me, it was about celebrating the travels I experienced with my late mother. From my first trip to Fiji at 18 months to exploring Europe in my teens, to being a great guide in my 20’s, mum was with me every step. I wanted to create a range that bring the journeys to the home, and bring people together.

Can you tell our audience anything about your upcoming fragrance range?

There will be three fragrances in the range, all inspired by untranslatable words and exotic destinations. Asia, The Middle East and unseen places.

How would you describe your scent design journey with Perfume Playground?

It has been an amazing experience. I feel I have struggled to find a creative space which I seem to love, but from day one, I was in my element. I have always had an interest in fragrance, but boy did Samantha open a pandora’s box.

Ian Ireland
What’s one of your favourite scent memories?

Since working with Perfume Playground, I have so many, but one in particular that sticks out is my aunties house in the mountains of Seattle. We would visit her every second Christmas. This house is set on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere, built by my uncle. The dampness of the snow, the wet pine trees, icy air, and burring wood. I think I have just created my next scent!

You’re hosting a dinner party with three guests (past or present). Who are they? And what background music do you have playing?

Winston Churchill, someone to have a cigar with. Marcus Aurelius, for conversation. And Peter the Great, for a bit of life (and a drinking buddy).

Music would be chilled beats from around the world, perhaps the Buddha Bar CD collection.

How does fragrance affect you?

For me, scent was a way of resetting myself. From the office to the car, and when I got home, the scent would often subconsciously remind me I’m out of the office, I’m home.

What would you tell someone thinking about embarking on a scent design journey with Perfume Playground?

JUMP! Take the plunge!

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