Clubno. 15 Bryley Ryder

no. 15 Bryley Ryder

Bryley calls herself a walking contradiction. We call her one of our favourite club members! Meet beauty industry expert and founder of Be•be Beauty Boutique, Bryley Ryder.

Tell us about yourself?

I have been in the beauty industry for 18 years and owned my own salon for 10 years this year. I’m married to an amazing and supportive man, we have no children together but I have five nieces who I adore. I enjoy exercising, but I LOVE food and wine. I love to travel and try new things, but I’m a homebody that needs routine. I love that my job allows me to meet all walks of life and I’m privileged to listen to their experiences, but I crave solitude and am happy in my own company. I’m a walking contradiction!

At Perfume Playground, we’re suckers for a great scent story! What’s your favourite scent memory?

Whenever it rains on hot tarmac it takes me right back to a house I lived in when I was a kid. The neighbours behind us had a long driveway and when we were playing in our backyard I could always smell it. It immortalises being carefree and playful for me.

How would you best describe your salon and its offering?

At be•be beauty we believe in taking time out from everyday stresses, we know that having a beauty treatment helps you feel beautiful and confident on the inside too. We offer a range of beauty services with focus on results driven skincare treatments to help you relax, unwind and recharge.

Your Perfume Playground journey began as a private booking for your staff…

Unfortunately for me I developed my first ever migraine on the way to Wellington, so my amazing team took over and went to the scent experience themselves. When they came back they were buzzing over it! They had individually developed beautiful scents for themselves that they used at home. Then a couple of weeks later I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one with Lauryn. She has so much knowledge, not only in scent but in the beauty industry too. We even connected that we’d worked in the same salon just months apart from each other in Sydney. Lauryn really understood what I was describing and gave direction as to what I was trying to visualise. I think together with the scents from our team we really captured the essence of the salon.

Later you came on a custom design experience with us – what can you share about this?

The questionnaire which lead to the vision board Sam created made our scent feel real before we had even developed it. The way Sam and her team get to know us is such a beautiful and personal way for her to get to know you. I believe that this is why our scent is so individual and not something you could buy off the shelf. We felt part of every piece of the creation.

How do you envisage scent will benefit your business?

Beauty is such a sensory experience. We have touch, mood lighting, soft music, but a multitude of aromas from different product. We wanted something that ties it all together, a scent that when you walk in the door, makes you instantly calm and comfortable.

What’s next on your scent journey?

We would love the scent to be carried through to our linen and hot compresses. We would also love to gift room mists with product purchase so when our clients are treating themselves at home they can have the whole be•be experience.

What excites you most about your job?

I’m a skin nerd. I love learning about the way it functions and why, I love the gut skin connection and teaching people what that means. Skin consultations and working out treatment programs and home care is so interesting to me!

What excites you most outside of your job?

A couple of years ago I would have said travel, I’m sure it will be again soon. But right now it’s our home. We’ve just moved and making this house our home has felt so right. Plus the views out to mountains and native birds in the garden are a big help.

Let’s spread some encouragement within our community! Can you share one of your favourite quotes?

Nau mai ngā hua
Nau mai ngā pai
Nau mai kia nui
Kia hāwere ai

Welcome all things that have grown
Welcome all things that are good
May they be plentiful and abundant

I came across this during Matariki of last year and it’s a beautiful mantra for manifestation. Every now and then I re-read it to remind myself things are still good if we want them to be good.

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