Clubno. 17 Cheryl Livingston

no. 17 Cheryl Livingston

Club member Cheryl adds to our growing list of workshop attendees choosing scent to celebrate love. She describes herself as a do-gooder, and in choosing a natural solid perfume workshop, she certainly fits that bill! It was a joy to host you Cheryl.

​​Cheryl, tell us about yourself?

I am a Goody Two-Shoes or Do-Gooder, depending which way you look at it!

What inspired you to join our Native and Wild Solid Perfume workshop?

As my husband and I enjoy a signature scent, and love discovering new things, this was a perfect opportunity to create something together.

Tell us about the experience and the fragrance you created?

It was SO MUCH FUN! It took a lot of sniffing and playing around with the different scents and intensities, but I found myself returning to the Nutmeg and Mandarin scents, and used Sandalwood and Cedarwood to balance them out. I also loved being able to do this workshop at home so that we could take our time to discover what worked for us.

What was it like to share this experience with your husband?

It was very special to go on a perfume journey together, especially as it was for our 10 year wedding anniversary.

How does scent influence your wellbeing?

I find leaving an opened perfumed candle in a room instantly lifts my mood, as it leaves a beautiful but subtle scent as you walk through.


Favourite scent memory?

Our Frenchie has an amazing sweet/soft barley smell (unless she’s been rolling around on beach muck), and I definitely want to hold onto that scent memory!

I am most inspired by…

Well designed spaces, indoors and outdoors.

Favourite hobby or passion project?

Making hand-illustrated cards for family and friends and keeping a food illustration journal.

Dream holiday destination…

The Italian countryside.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Always be prepared (thanks Mum)!

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