Clubno. 18 Frankie Chan

no. 18 Frankie Chan

Frankie Chan attended a Classic Club workshop, curious about the theory behind creating unique fragrance and how it connects to memories. It’s this interest in preserving memories that also fuels her passion for photography. Frankie, thanks for exploring and getting creative with us, you were a joy!

Frankie, tell us about yourself?

Hello! My name is Frankie. During the week, I work in the Marketing team in the Medical + Healthcare industry, on the weekends, I am a freelance photographer who specialises in creative portraits with a modern romantic flair. I am also a huge nerd and enjoy getting stuck into board games with friends.

What inspired you to attend a natural scent workshop?

I have dabbled in candle making prior to the workshop. I guess I have always been curious about the theory of creating unique fragrances and how that connects to memories.

Tell us about the type of fragrance you created?

The fragrance I created is quite earthy with a bit of spice – kind of like me in a way.

What did you enjoy most (or what surprised you most) about the experience?

I really enjoyed going into the theory behind fragrance design, and how many different layers there are to create a signature perfume you see in the shops.

How does scent influence your wellbeing?

I have a wee ritual I do before I start editing client photos. I always light a scented candle to set the mood and get inspired by it.

What’s your favourite perfume note to wear in winter?

I am currently in love with vanilla tobacco.

What scent makes you nostalgic, and where, what or who does it connect you with?

The scent of bread or baking. Reminds me of my dad, who was a great baker (he even had his own bakery for a while).

What first inspired you to pick up a camera?

My love for photography definitely comes from my dad, he loved taking photos of the family throughout his life. He taught me that moments pass by really quickly, and by capturing them on camera, those memories can remain permanent and be re-lived. After he passed away six years ago, I decided to try out his hobby, and I fell in love with photography too.

What lights you up?

I think this relates closely to my photos, I love empowering people and showing them just how special they are!

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