Clubno. 19 Jade Hurst

no. 19 Jade Hurst

Through our work we seek to inspire our community through natural botanicals, flower essences and the latest in aroma-science. True to the circular nature of life, our club members return the favour, inspiring us with their passion, creativity and vision both inside and outside the fragrance world. Today we introduce one such member – Jade Hurst, founder of local wellness interiors studio, Good_Space.

Jade, can you introduce yourself to our Perfume Playground Community?

Hello everyone, I’m an Interior Designer who focuses on designing spaces that are better for people and the planet.


When did you first realise that your love for wellness and design disciplines could intersect and that they would become your focus?

Looking back to when I was a child, I was so impacted by space. I was constantly using what I had to change my bedroom layout, the wall colour and how it was presented. It was instinctual.

Interiors and the process of designing unique and immersive spaces have always lit me up. But simply ‘making things look pretty’ didn’t sit right with me from a career point of view.

I’m a nature kid at heart, having a respect for all living things felt like the right path to take. So my research led me to Wellness

Architecture, which then led me to study and gain credentials via the International Well Building Institute… Then Good_Space was realised.

Have you observed any particular wellness requests trending among your clients?

I work across both commercial and residential projects, but there’s a thread that remains the same. People are seeking spaces that add to their overall health and wellness, but not at the expense of the environment.

Is scent considered in your design work?

Yes, absolutely. For me, it’s about creating full immersion in my projects where possible. Scent is such a powerful opportunity to add depth to my design projects.

Why natural fragrance, and how does it align with your mission at Good_Space?

Natural fragrances are always the answer, it’s a layer that adds to a true biophilic design. Some synthetic fragrances are incredibly toxic to us humans, it’s no joke really; so I go natural wherever possible.

What inspired your recent private event with Perfume Playground?

I’ve created a little social club for my pals, motivated by getting back together and creating community. Perfume Playground was a unique way to engage with each other. There was so much humour in the way it all came together for everyone, some nailed it, and some totally didn’t – perfectly imperfect. We just loved the experience and discovered how balanced the whole process needs to be.

Club Feature_jadehurst-03.01
Club Feature_jadehurst-03.02
How would you describe the fragrance you designed with us?

I used amber, peach and rose. It’s playful, warm and rather unique. I trusted the process and created something that I was really proud of – I just love it.

Favourite new or unexpected scent ingredient discovery?

Too many to list – I was pleasantly surprised how many new things there actually were to discover.

Favourite scent memory? (either recent or nostalgic)

I grew up in the Bay of Islands. I have so many fond memories of my childhood, stomping around in nature for fun. Whenever I smell tea tree and damp, mossy undergrowth, it transports me right back there. It’s the scent of adventure and unbridled freedom.

Where to next on your scent journey?

I’m introducing scent as a full sensory brand immersion for commercial projects. Then for residential clients the focus is on adding scent to the design process to create calm and balanced spaces.

What excites you most about the future of interior design?

I have always been inspired by where nature and great design intersect, there’s such an explosion of awareness in Wellness Architecture since the pandemic. The future will see much more regenerative, environmetal projects becoming commonplace.


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