ClubNo. 22 Dimitra Mathioudaki

No. 22 Dimitra Mathioudaki

Dimitra Mathioudaki, Senior Digital Designer at MECCA, is one of our newest club members. Dimitra has recently moved to Melbourne from London where she has been enjoying her new adventures.
Dimitra shares with us a little bit about herself and how she is now immersing in the wonderful world of scents!

Dimi, can you introduce yourself to our Perfume Playground Club?

Hi! My name is Dimi and I am Senior Digital Designer at MECCA. I moved to Melbourne 2 years ago from London and am still getting to know this beautiful city! 

How do you think fragrance affects design or everyday life?

Scent is deeply personal and nostalgic and so powerful that it can trigger emotions and memories instantly. I think it is incredibly powerful that something intangible, like a simple whiff, could bring back a distant memory.


Jasmine, as it always reminds me of my family and our summers in Greece (my family is Greek but grew up in Luxembourg). Both my grandmas love growing plants & flowers in their backyards and jasmine was one of their favourites.

You chose notes of Geranium, Benzoin and Cedarwood. How would you describe the fragrance you designed with us?

Bold, Impactful, Personal

How many countries have you travelled to and do you have a favourite memory?

I have visited over 40 countries but Kyoto, Japan holds a special place in my heart as it is where my husband and I got engaged.

With Summer nearing, can you tell us your most favorite perfume or seasonal scent note to wear?

I don’t tend to switch scents seasonally and always alternate between my two signature scents; Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique & Le Labo’s Thé Noir 29.

What is your favourite flower, fruit, wood or nut and what do you feel it says about your personality?

Flower: Gardenia & bougainvillea
Fruit: Watermelon

…both of which say I am 100% a summer person!

What advice would you give to others thinking about joining a workshop with Perfume Playground?

Don’t overthink about creating your perfect scent – just follow your instinct, get immersed in a wonderful world of scents and have fun!

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