ClubNo. 29 Jo-Anne Gleeson

No. 29 Jo-Anne Gleeson


Meet Jo-Anne, or Jo for short – a driven and passionate woman who wears many hats. She understands that doing the things that she loves nourishes her in many ways. Her love for travel and exploration is just one aspect of Jo’s dynamic personality, and we can’t wait to see what other adventures she embarks on in the future. Let’s find out what other things bring joy into her life!

Jo-Anne, can you introduce yourself to the Perfume Playground Club?

I’m Jo-Anne or Jo and I am a proud mum of two adult children, Henry and Lexi and two fur babies Mash and Chilli. I run two companies with my husband Jason in Melbourne and I also teach Pilates which is a huge passion of mine. I workout at least 2-3 times a week and it’s just as much about my mental training as the physical. Turning 50 last year made me realise that self care in as many forms as you can create is key, doing things I love like exercise nourishes me in many ways. 

What inspired you to attend a natural fragrance workshop?

My dear friend Sandy gifted me the workshop for my birthday and we attended together which was such a generous and beautiful gift to receive.

Did you have any “aha” moments during the workshop where something suddenly clicked for you?

Prior to the workshop I thought I was going to be sneezing and get a headache during the session as that has been my experience when visiting a perfume section of any store as I suffer from hayfever. When I started smelling the notes and realised how different this was to anything I had experienced with perfume before I immediately knew this was for me.

You recently ordered your scent again around the Autumn equinox, do you follow seasonal rituals or what was the reason behind your purchase in a larger 15ml bottle?

I wish I could say it was something more interesting other than I had used all of the last bottle. I tried to go back to an old favourite perfume and it simply wasn’t as good as my own unique creation.

What kind of emotions or moods does your perfume design aim to evoke in you?

The freshness of the yuzu in my scent reminds me of Sorrento in Italy having travelled and stayed there a few years ago. The citrus tones really wake me up and stay with me all day as they settle with the slight hint of Cardamom over the day.     

Do you have a favourite flower or botanical, and what do you feel it says about your personality?

My favourite flower is Gardenia, it was my Grandmother’s favourite too but alas it’s not a floral note I can wear, any time I have tried to wear it I get the dreaded headache set in and it just lingers. I am happy growing them and having them as a cut flower in my home instead.

Fragrance aside, what brings you joy?

Living near the ocean, I am so fortunate to live only a short stroll from Port Phillip Bay and being able to walk or swim along the beach is truly amazing.

How do you think scent influences your wellbeing?

I have a very strong reaction to smells and so when something like a scent or a candle doesn’t sit well with me it affects my overall demeanour. When I have a candle burning at home that I love with hints of citrus or vanilla it feels comforting.

What is your life motto or personal philosophy?

Live like you are writing your own Eulogy everyday. Live every moment to its fullest and remind yourself of how you want to be remembered for this life. No one will say when you are gone what size pants you wore or how few wrinkles you had they will cherish your laugh or your sense of humour, your generosity and kindness to yourself and to others.

Do you have any advice for someone who is still searching for their own life motto or personal philosophy?

Listen to your gut, women in particular have very good natural instincts, society over the years has trained us to not trust or listen to those feelings so if you feel something in your gut and it feels right then it usually is.

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