ClubNo. 30 Denis & Kamini

No. 30 Denis & Kamini


Meet Denis and Kamini, a couple who recently had the wonderful opportunity to book a private parfum experience with our founder, Samantha Copland. Their shared journey through the world of scents has brought them even closer as a couple, knowing the profound impact that fragrances can have on their lives. Read on as they share their experience with us!

We’d love to know what inspired you to book a private parfum experience?

Denis – I originally had booked it as a present for someone who was unable to use it.

Kamini- Denis had booked this as a gift but due to the person not being able to use, we used it for ourselves.

What inspired your scents?

Denis – I just tried to go through as many as possible and went from there. 

Kamini- I tend to like a variety of scents so I guess that day, the weather, the way I felt and I really wanted to use the “Butter” in it so that was intentional.

Can you remember the scents you chose? What did you use to create your individual perfumes?

Denis – Apricot, Damascenone, Tonka, Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Vanilla

Kamini – I don’t remember them all, but definitely Gardenia and Butter

Do you think the perfumes you created reflect your personalities? And would you wear the perfume you made on a daily basis?

Denis – It definitely does reflect my personality and I find myself using it on most days.

Kamini- I hope it reflects my personality but either way, I’m using it almost everyday.

How important is scent to both of you in your daily life?

Denis – It’s extremely important in my life, especially in my home. We are always burning incense of all types

Kamini – Extremely important. I love natural products and am always carrying something with me everywhere I go.

Did you learn anything new about fragrances or perfumery that surprised you?

Denis – Yes. I learned quite a lot of information and we are both keen to learn more.

Kamini – Most certainly did learn alot about perfumery, and we both are hoping to learn more down the track.

What did you enjoy most about the perfume workshop?

Denis – What I enjoyed the most was having an opportunity to have this experience with my beloved, and watching her face light up over the scent of butter.

Kamini – I enjoyed exploring all those fragrances to make something of my own whilst my partner was by my side also doing the same. It brought us together after the workshop chatting about it and constantly smelling each other as the fragrance changed and settled over the next couple of days.

Do you think this workshop was a good way to spend time with your partner?

Denis – Yes 

Kamini – Definitely

Would you recommend this experience to other couples?

Denis – Yes

Kamini – Yes, already have.

Anything else you would like to share with us that might inspire others?

Denis – Everyone should give it a try. It’s really cool to explore so many fragrances and create your own unique scent.

Kamini – To get your business out there. It’s a great experience.

Indulge your senses and embark on a fragrant journey by joining our immersive perfume workshop, where you’ll discover the art of scent creation and leave with your own signature fragrance!

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