ClubNo. 36 Madeleine & Isabel Hoy

No. 36 Madeleine & Isabel Hoy

NO. 36 Madeleine & Isabel Hoy

Welcome, fragrance enthusiasts, to a captivating journey into the scented realm of Madeleine and Isabel Hoy, the dynamic duo behind Nonna’s Grocer. As part of our exclusive club feature, we’re thrilled to dive into the aromatic narrative crafted by these talented designers. So, grab your favorite scented candle, settle into a cozy space, and let’s unravel the fragrant tale spun by Madeleine and Isabel.

Thanks so much for taking the time to be part of our club feature!

Madeleine & Isabel, tell us about yourselves.

I’m Madeleine and I am a designer based in the Illawarra NSW. I studied Set and Costume Design at NIDA and that sort of lead me down the path of working as a designer in the events industry, and then onto running my own business. I am a yoga-doing, dog loving, bad surfer kind of lady who just trots around sipping coffee or wine. That’s kind of me in a nutshell.

What are you most passionate about in life?

Most passionate about food and different cultures. I love traveling to different countries and seeking out the local restaurants and markets to discover what the locals like to eat.

What inspired your move toward fragrance design and creating scented candles?

When I started Nonna’s Grocer I was looking at the business from the events perspective, so that meant unscented candles to sit on long event tables. But as I learned what customers gravitated towards, I leared that they were expecting the candles to smell, and that encouraged me to think about what sort of scent our candles should take.

Can you tell our audience anything about your candle range?

We are starting with our three most iconic candles. The Lemon, Orange and heirloom Tomato, all scented to the specific fruit that they are. The scent for these three candles have a down to earth atmosphere about them, as though they have just been plucked from the garden.

How would you describe your scent design journey with Perfume Playground?

I really loved the experience. It was daunting at first because you don’t trust your own nose as you go through the process, but Samantha guides you into her world in the most enjoyable way you end up with something so special yet so personal to your brand.


I love the smell of my mum baking an upside down ginger pear cake. It’s a house full of warmth and love.

What’s one piece of advice you received in life that you’re pleased you followed, and one you’re glad you didn’t?

Ohh! I think the first one is celebrate the wins. I used to get caught up in achieving a lot all the time, which meant that the special moments got pushed aside so the next project could get developed. My sister always encouraged celebration, and I am so glad she did because it makes the work so much more fun.
The other one was that people recommended I stay in my events job as it was reliable income and safe, and I am so glad I didn’t because it just wasn’t the right job for my body and soul. It never sat right with me and I am so glad I left it behind.

You’re hosting a dinner party with three guests (past or present). Who are they? And what background music do you have playing?

Well I have just become obsessed with the Icelandic singer Laufey, so probably her entire album because it’s so jazzy and relaxing yet fun. And my friend Stanley Tucci is coming over with his darling wife Felicity Blunt and why not Emily blunt too…and let’s throw in John Krasinski whilst you’re at it!

How does fragrance affect you? From either a mental, physical or emotional perspective.

It transports you to a different level which is so special. It enhances your mood, calms you down, takes you to another place. Fragrance is a catalogue of memories of our lives. Every time I walk past someone that has worn a perfume I have worn in the past, I bathe in that era of my life in my mind. Scent is invisible, yet remarkable.

What would you tell someone thinking about embarking on a scent design journey with Perfume Playground?

The course is designed so perfectly that you can’t not be happy with the scents you develop, so with that in mind, enjoy the process. Every step is as enjoyable as the next, from concepting to the nitty gritty ingredients phase.

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As we conclude this delightful journey into the scented world of Madeleine and Isabel Hoy, we invite you not only to experience the captivating fragrances crafted by Nonna’s Grocer but also to embark on a hands-on exploration of the art of perfumery through our exclusive workshops.

These workshops are more than just an olfactory sensation – they offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of fragrance creation. Join us in celebrating life’s flavors, scents, and the joy derived from crafting something truly special with your own hands.

Stay connected with us for upcoming chapters in the Club Feature Scent Story, and keep an eye out for announcements on our enriching workshops. Follow the aromatic trail as we unveil new fragrances and provide you with the tools to create your own signature scent.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to explore the sensory wonders with us. Embrace the magic of fragrance, participate in our workshops, and stay tuned for the next aromatic chapter in this extraordinary olfactory adventure!

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