Designed to uplift you, to provide feelings of happiness and euphoria. This ‘Tangerine Dream’ roll-on fragrance is for those that want to have some fun! Whether you’re off to the gym, yoga, the beach, a party or a festival, our scent’s designed for you to feel empowered, beautiful and playful wherever you are.

A central tendency with botanical remedies is that plants contain many active ingredients. Primary actives may be enhanced by secondary compounds which act in beneficial synergy. With a unique combination of essential oils, plant extracts and flower essences this ethical fragrance is best used when your desire more creativity and energy.

It’s the ultimate people’s perfume designed from combining the most popular essence choices from Club Members over the last two years at the Perfume Playground. Featuring Scent Soul Science this fragrance delivers beyond the aroma positively affecting the body & mind. Free from animal testing, sulfates, glycols,  petrochemicals, parabens and artificial colours.

A powerful yet playful Eau de Parfum roll-on, so small amounts only required to enhance your everyday Beauty, Performance & Wellbeing.



Handcrafted with citrus, floral and woody notes


Blood Orange, Yuzu


Jasmine Absolute, Apricot


Fir, Violet & Vanilla


Vibrational Flower Essences to restore the feeling of wellbeing, Used for emotional support, aiding personal growth and to ease spiritual transformation.

Inspirit – Make room for the creative spark to return


A harmonious entourage of Citrus Terpenes, like a Tangerine Dream

  • B-Myrcene & Terpineol – may help you slow down

  • B-Caryophyllene – binds to the CB2 receptor, activating the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for a number of physiological and cognitive functions e.g. pain, memory, motor learning, appetite

  • A-Pinene – may aids memory, helps you breath more deeply

  • Phytol & Valencene – distinct flowery, powdery and citrus aromas, respectably


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