Private Parfum

You may also want to gift your scent creation to a loved one! A signature perfume, handcrafted by you. A thoughtful gift for your nearest and dearest.

Michael Venus
It was the biggest of all hits. She absolutely loved it – blown away actually! You have restored her faith – in me!
Tui Fleming
THANK GOODNESS for my absolutely beautiful perfume. I wear it every day and every time I put it on I breathe deeply and feel alive, empowered, and sexy! I am actually attracted to my own scent, haha. My husband loves it too so that’s another win. Let’s stay in touch. I love your work, your approach, your enthusiasm, and your encouragement
Cat Stone
Thank you so much for my natural perfume!! It's delicious... I love the made with love label too. I never wore scent every day before now. I really love how it works with my biochemistry and changes over time on my skin.
Belinda Nash
Wow. My mind is blown. I feel so calm and honest. I'm still digesting everything. You really have a profound gift! When my friend smelt the scent strips when I got home she said 'It smells like Belinda'. Weird but true. She's keen to connect too!
Jess Tulp
I loved that is was such a personal and unique occasion. The resulting natural perfume is truly beautiful. It's a bold, fragrant, evocative scent which personifies my tastes in a bottle. I love it.

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