Your Own Scent, Whenever You Want.

Want to recreate your bespoke scent? 

Now you can! Whether you want to create your own scent or find a custom scent, we’re here to help. It is safe to say that the fragrance industry has gained an avid fan in us! The possibilities are limitless, and the scents can take you anywhere. If you thought only A-Listers could have their own signature scent – you’re wrong. As of this month, any scent you’ve made with us can be re-imagined, re-designed and re-ordered.
Create your bespoke scent again or find something new. With hundreds of fragrances to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a 15ml, 30ml, or 50ml bottle, and we’ll recreate your bespoke scent and deliver it to your door.

Michael Venus

It was the biggest of all hits. She absolutely loved it – blown away actually! You have restored her faith – in me!

Tui Fleming

THANK GOODNESS for my absolutely beautiful perfume. I wear it every day and every time I put it on I breathe deeply and feel alive, empowered, and sexy! I am actually attracted to my own scent, haha. My husband loves it too so that’s another win. Let’s stay in touch. I love your work, your approach, your enthusiasm, and your encouragement

Cat Stone

Thank you so much for my natural perfume!! It's delicious... I love the made with love label too. I never wore scent every day before now. I really love how it works with my biochemistry and changes over time on my skin.

Jess Tulp

I loved that is was such a personal and unique occasion. The resulting natural perfume is truly beautiful. It's a bold, fragrant, evocative scent which personifies my tastes in a bottle. I love it.

Belinda Nash

Wow. My mind is blown. I feel so calm and honest. I'm still digesting everything. You really have a profound gift! When my friend smelt the scent strips when I got home she said 'It smells like Belinda'. Weird but true. She's keen to connect too!

The Science of Smell

The architecture of the nose is fascinating. When you breathe in through the nostrils, the air travels to the olfactory epithelium (a type of tissue). This area holds many chemical receptors which detect odours. These receptors send messages to the olfactory bulbs. The message is then forwarded to the olfactory cortex of the brain. Once the information has been relayed, the olfactory cortex, which is a component of the limbic system (processing emotions and memory), organises the sensory information.

How To Make a Great First Impression

It’s been said that the first impression you make depends on how you smell. A powerful scent can convey strength and a friendly one can bring warmth. Everyone has his or her own individual scent. But what it smells like, how strong it is, and how you feel about it are all up to you.

Why do we have to consider fragrance?

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