Strong Scent x Perfume Playground

We created a spatial scent that smells like Jay-Z
Its signature scent has notes of cognac and cedarwood to keep the studio’s aroma fresh
Casey Vassallo
Strong Pilates
We designed a premium scent with no chemical nasties to uplift our community before and after they train.
Michael Ramsey
gym scent

Benefits of
scenting space

Brand recognition and loyalty
Memory & Emotion

Of the five senses, smell is the most powerful influencer on memory and emotion. This is because our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system, the part of the brain that processes memory, emotion, and feelings.

  • Scent has the ability to shift mood and instill more memorable moments.
  • Up to 75% of all the emotions we experience on a daily basis are generated by what we smell – not what we see or hear.
  • Scent works alongside other sensory elements to increase brand recognition, preference & loyalty.
  • A brand fragrance has the ability to evoke connections to the brand and strengthen brand identity.

The STRONG scent by Perfume Playground™ is the approved and exclusive supplier of scenting services including fragrance & diffusion equipment to STRONG franchisees.

Strong commissioned Perfume Playground™ to create a performance-based scent. Strong wanted the natural fragrance to inspire, be energising, and motivating.

Designed to encompass the characters of Jay-Z, Serena Willams, Usain Bolt, Chris Hemsworth & Nathalie Emmanuel the fresh scent switches people’s minds on, gets them focused and ready to train. To encourage a “new level” and “going hard”.

The scent is uplifting and expansive and ensures a rewarding training experience before, and during the after-class debrief.

With fragrant notes of Cold Pressed Australian Mandarin, Cognac & Cedarwood, the fresh scent circulates in the welcome area using cold-air diffusion technology.

The fragrance is 100% natural, evidence-led fragrance, with no petrochemicals, glycols, parabens, or synthetics.

Its high energy plays into STRONG and its COMMUNITY; safety, sweat, science, selfies, and strength.

12 Month Contract
$99 per month based on 7 days, 7 hours per day across 52 weeks
Includes diffuser and monthly scent delivery
4 month retainer required upfront ($396)

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