JournalThe Smell of Love

The Smell of Love

Numerous studies indicate that scent can influence everything from feelings to attachment and sexual attraction. We release love hormones (pheromones) when there’s an attraction – compelling us towards someone’s smell.

Olfactory stimuli directly influence a person’s limbic system, generating feelings, and the hippocampus, forming memories. Thus, if the triggers are positive or attractive to the person smelling them, this can influence them to associate those feelings and memories with that person. This is why you may feel instant nostalgia for your mother getting ready in the morning when you smell magnolia or a lover when you smell sandalwood- it’s scientific.

An interesting thing to note is that an individual’s “scent” can be a medley of everyday things – like their deodorant, body wash mixed with their perfume, and yes…sweat.

Our unique odor is connected to an intricate combination of molecules that accumulate on our skin and form secretions from the apocrine glands. These are specific sweat glands concatenated to hair follicles and located in regions of our body, such as our armpits. They originate in the womb but mature during puberty and can be activated by our emotional reactions. The molecules perspired by these glands meld with our skin’s microbiome and oils to form a distinctive smell.

Fragrance mixed with our natural scent and daily activities means no one can smell like another. This is why smell is unique, and we love making fragrances at Perfume Playground. Imagine creating a fragrance that captures your loved one’s essence; the possibilities are endless. For instance, say you want to capture the spirit of your father’s morning surf: you could create a fragrance using cedarwood, sage, neroli, coconut, pineapple, and tonka. Or you may want to encapsulate your best friend’s whole personality; you could choose a sexy cherry to show her fun side and mix it with jasmine, rose, and magnolia (her love of flowers) and add hints of musk and oak moss as an ode to her groundedness.

At Perfume Playground, we believe that love is how you interpret it and isn’t always romantic. That’s why we are opting for Galentine’s day instead.

Flowers and chocolate are always a win, but if you want to get extra creative with your love this Galentine’s day, join us for our introductory scent-making course, and make something for your loved one. Another fun suggestion? Bring your friend/ mother/daughter/ brother/sister/pet monkey and create a fragrance inspired by one another!

Join us at our upcoming Classic Clubs Workshops.

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