A fluffy bunny that hides delicious chocolate eggs around your house is just about one of the sweetest fables we’ve ever heard. But do bunnies lay eggs? Come Easter – we don’t think twice about why these two seemingly unrelated things are suddenly shown together. Apparently, we combine these two over Easter because they symbolise new life! And what better time to do so than spring. Though here in the Southern Hemisphere, Easter celebrations take place against the backdrop of autumn.

If one had to describe a scent that embodies the spirit of Easter, there are endless options available. To us, it might be something that conjures the essence of the autumnal season while highlighting the unbridled happiness brought by a holiday that gives us every excuse to channel our inner child. We’re thinking sun-dappled woodland walks, crisp air and greenery with notes of cedar and pine, mixed with comforting notes of leather and patchouli, punctuated by zesty mandarin and jasmine to evoke the sweet joy and optimism that Easter brings.

Scent can take you back to a moment, a person or an experience at the blink of an eye, but it’s also a conduit for playfulness and creativity. Enjoy the tastes this weekend but remember to notice the smells. How would you define your Easter experience as a fragrance? What scent notes would be important? Would it smell calm or lively? Would it speak of new life or of nostalgia? Eggs hunts in the garden after a fresh dose of rain or chocolate decadence all the way?

However you’re celebrating, here’s to playfulness, creativity, rest and to eating all those eggs.
May you have a special and sensory Easter break.

Perfume Playground x

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