Australia – PERFUME Masterclass

Do you love perfume?! Have you ever wondered about how it’s made?

Discover a scent bar of Natural botanicals from all over the world before deciding on some favourites and designing your own fragrance. Learn from a scent expert and design a  fragrance formed from education around the unique combination of Scent & Science. 


DATE: Saturday 2 October 2021
TIME: Session: 10.00am – 4.30pm
LOCATION: Melbourne


Perfume 10ml Glass Roll-on

Take home french glass fragrance bottle is included in in ticket fee. More often than not we make up to 4 fragrances per session, learning how to be our own best perfume evaluator.

Scent Bar

The fragrance bar includes over 100 botanicals from global suppliers, with specialty flower essences and terpene blends for improved mood and motivation. We have deep knowledge of Asia- Pacific Natives.

Education Immerse yourself in the world of natural perfumery with a scent expert who’s tapestry of interests lends to an amazing, educational exchange, tasting, demonstration and hosting of an experimental scent session. Workshops cover a range of topics.


Work Club Global, 477 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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