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Why We Love Apricot!

The sweet, warm aroma of Apricot – what better way to hold on to the kiss of summer and indulge in an air of carefree positivity. In Latin, Apricot means ‘precious’, and here at Perfume Playground, we couldn’t agree more.

Lactonic with soft animalic nuances, Apricot features in various folk tales and myths – even appearing as an aphrodisiac in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. We love English poet John Ruskin’s description of our beloved fuzzy fruit, “shining in a sweet brightness of golden velvet.”


Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E, Apricot is widely used in skin products for its nourishing qualities. Aromatherapy wise, it’s associated with warmth and care and is often used as a carrier oil for massage products.

In fragrance, Apricot exudes radiant energy and can promote a joyful, positive and even flirtatious spirit.


For many, Apricot summons serious teenage nostalgia in an iconic skincare product from the 80’ – St Ives Apricot face scrub.

Marc Jacobs’s limited-edition version of the classic Daisy fragrance has Apricot, Osmanthus, and golden Amber notes. The Apricot delivering a refreshing uplift.


At Perfume Playground, we love using Apricot Isolate as a fruity middle note in our natural fragrances. A blend of natural isolates and delicious Apricot extracts, as if they were picked fresh from the tree.

Apricot mixes well with other narcotic scents like Jasmine or Rose. For top notes in a summery daytime fragrance, a touch of bright orange citrus would be complementary. Think; Blood Orange, Grapefruit or Mandarin. And as a base, Peru Balsam or Tonka Bean.

To enhance the sensual side of Apricot in a nighttime fragrance, the addition of Ambrettolide or Musk would unearth its more alluring appeal.

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