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Why We Love Rosemary

The name rosemary derives from the Latin ‘ros marinus’, which translates to ‘sea dew’ because all it needs is the humidity of a sea breeze to flourish. And that’s exactly what many will think of when it comes to rosemary; freshness and the Mediterranean coast from which rosemary originates.

Unmistakingly green, herbal and aromatic, this beautiful botanical produces the most refreshing aroma. Read on to hear why it’s known as the herb of remembrance, what wellbeing properties it contains and the notes we recommend you blend it with.

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Known as the “herb of remembrance”, rosemary has featured in many historical traditions. Pharaohs were buried alongside the herb in ancient Egypt, Greek students used rosemary to aid focus, and brides traditionally carried a sprig of rosemary in their bouquets. It has also been given as a symbol of loyalty between friends and loved ones. Rosemary supports clarity and insight and works to enhance alertness and concentration – could this be the reason for its remembrance reputation?

If you like the sound of aromatherapeutic support for memory retention or simply a symbolic gesture of remembrance, adding rosemary to your natural fragrance could be a beautiful touch. As if that wasn’t enough, rosemary is also used to reduce stress, nervous tension and fatigue.


The marketing world often plays on a fragrance’s scent profile. Which is why it’s no coincidence that if you searched online for ‘fragrances with rosemary’, you’d be met with an array of green and blue cologne bottles. The oceanic colour palette signifying the revitalising quality of rosemary as though it were freshly plucked from a rocky terrain alongside a mediterranean sea. Neroli Portofina Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford and various scents by Acqua Di Parma are perfect examples. Historically, rosemary is more common in colognes, but personally, we think it works beautifully in any natural fragrance.


We enjoy rosemary paired with uplighting citrus notes like lime, mandarin, orange or grapefruit. Rosemary’s herby, camphorous scent also makes a dream pairing with the sweet floral scent of lavender.

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Have you tried a touch of Rosemary in your natural fragrance?

A scent note worth exploring, it’s available for you to try at many of our upcoming events.

“As perfume to the flower, so is kindness to speech.”
Katherine Francke

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