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Why We Love Ylang ylang

Are you looking for aromatic, fruity, flowery, and rich scents? Ylang-ylang is the answer.

Thanks to the powerfully scented petals of the Cananga odorata tree! The distinct scent of ylang-ylang essential oil lends itself perfectly to floral and oriental fragrances, helping to create a rich and sophisticated heart note.

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Ylang ylang is favored by aromatherapists for its broad range of benefits. Its exotic, deep and floral scent can ease symptoms of stress and anxiety. Also reduces symptoms of depression and helps build a positive mindset.
If you want to relax and uplift your mood this scent is the way to go. Ylang-ylang will not be left out if we’re talking about beauty. It is one of the answers to normalizing sebum secretion and helps with skin appearance. Generally, it’s used in feminine beauty products and perfumes, but it can be paired with complementary oils to create a more masculine fragrance – most successfully vetiver and sandalwood.


This yellow, star-shaped flower is branded as “jasmine for the poor”. For the excellent reason that it is relatively cheap than Jasmine but because it resembles the gentle, tropically delicious, floral scent of jasmine. Ylang-ylang in the majority of floral bases belong to the middle notes.

Many of the famous perfumes wouldn’t be what they are if it weren’t for ylang ylang.


Ylang ylang extract is mainly used in high-class perfumes of a floral and heavy oriental type. Ylang ylang blends well with bergamot, resin oil such as benzoin, Peru balsam, and opopanax, spice oils such as cinnamon and clove, and other strong florals such as gardenia absolute, tuberose absolute, and jasmine absolute. It also complements sweet citrus oils such as sweet orange and mandarin and blends perfectly with sandalwood oil.

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‘A perfume should be as imbued with meaning as it is light to wear.’
-Paco Rabanne

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