JournalWhy we’ve fallen for Solid Perfume

Why we’ve fallen for Solid Perfume

Like most things that were once ‘in fashion’, solid perfume has made a stunning resurgence. Major commercial fragrance houses like; Jo Malone, Chanel, Diptyque, Le Labo and Tom Ford all created solid perfumes in recent years. Solid perfume is exactly as the name suggests – perfume in a solid state. This much we know, but why the sudden rise, and why should we add one to our beauty routine?

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The benefits of solid perfume

There’s something joyfully nostalgic about a solid perfume, but it’s also been so long since it was commonplace, that its comeback feels quite novel. A refreshing, intimate way of applying perfume that brings something different to our morning routines. But this isn’t the only drawcard. Here we list some of the many benefits of switching to solid.  

Practical portability – Ideal for layering and travelling, solid perfumes satisfy your everyday needs without hassle. No leakage, breakage and if you want to take it in your carry-on luggage, be our guest! 

Compact and discrete – Ever been out and dying to pop up your fragrance but don’t fancy getting your perfume out? What’s more, bottles are often too big to take out with us anyway – this is where a little tin becomes our best friend. Slip it in your pocket or clutch to discreetly reapply.  

Skin-friendly ingredients – With bases made of beeswax and oils, solid perfumes contain skin-friendly ingredients meaning your fragrance side hustles as a nourishing hit of moisture and a moment of self care whenever you apply. As a bonus, Perfume Playground solids are made with 100% natural ingredients! 

Environmentally friendly – Without the need for a glass container or pump, the packaging of solid perfumes are by design – much simpler. Also, the container is reusable, and if you’re making your own formulations and re-using the tin, even better!

How we can guide you to create your own natural solid perfume

We offer a 2-hour virtual solid perfume workshop where you can learn artisan blending techniques, and create your own solid perfume infused with native Australian botanicals and aroma-science. All the materials and tools to make 2 x solid perfumes will be beautifully packaged in a craft box and delivered to your door (including six hero botanicals native to the Asia-Pacific). Creative guidance will be provided online via a pre-recorded webinar from host Maggie Kyle and Founder of Perfume Playground, Samantha Copland.


“Such a beautiful craft kit! I love the smell and the fact that I am able to create something so personal”

Jessica Douglass

craft box

Native & Wild

Learn how to make Solid Perfume with Native Plants from Asia-Pacific! Experiment with us in your own Space.

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