We freshly formulate your essence into natural fragrance ready for you to share with the world.

We highlight hero botanicals, Australasian when it works with your scent style; body, space or sensory experience.

Using our backgrounds in musical composition, pharmacology, psychology, marketing and visual arts along with an in-depth knowledge of the natural world we collect ideas and recreate fragrance from single aroma-molecules so you feel traceability from source.

We infuse our designs with flower essences and aroma-science, so our fragrances work on the mind-body.


Please fill out the form and let’s set up a time to discuss how we can capture your essence in fragrant form.

We elevate and celebrate your inherent beauty working towards a world where everyone feels their best.

Handcrafted with love & science, our design approach is highly customisable. 

Balance is achieved when opposites attract, like yin and yang. Nothing is lost or created, everything is transformed – BERTRAND DUCHAUFOUR


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