We freshly formulate your essence into natural fragrance ready for you to share with the world.

We highlight hero botanicals, Australasian when it works with your scent style; body, space or sensory experience.

Using our backgrounds in musical composition, pharmacology, psychology, marketing and visual arts along with an in-depth knowledge of the natural world we collect ideas and recreate fragrance from single aroma-molecules so you feel traceability from source.

We infuse our designs with flower essences and aroma-science, so our fragrances work on the mind-body.

Balance is achieved when opposites attract, like yin and yang. Nothing is lost or created, everything is transformed - BERTRAND DUCHAUFOUR


Please fill out the form and let's set up a time to discuss how we can capture your essence in fragrant form.

We elevate and celebrate your inherent beauty working towards a world where everyone feels their best.

Handcrafted with love & science, our design approach is highly customisable. 






Perfume Playground™ uncovers your true essence & develops it into fragrant form.

With a dedicated Fragrance Project Manager we'll discuss your Vision and Mission, Objectives, Creative Art direction, Ingredients, Intellectual property, Scent application and Packaging options. 

We can also cover market research of the competitive landscape, sales, promotion and distribution strategies.

A delivery time-line is established.



You can rely on us to tell stories of your essence with the highest quality essence in the world. We match the depth of your objectives and story into irresistible layers of fine fragrance. We highlight the overlooked or ignored details of people & nature.

This is the actual development of pilot fragrances based on the specifications. Fragrance free of synthetics, glycols, parabens and petrochemicals. Handcrafted with love & science in Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.


We deliver the pilot fragrance samples and a joint assessment and fine tuning takes place before a sensory profile is selected. Discussions are open and inclusive.

We blend and bottle from our Scent Studios in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. We can bottle up to 25,000 per week.