Looking for an activity that engages everyone? Want to share a memorable experience that lasts far longer than the activity itself?

Since birth, our brain creates connections between scent, memory and moods. When you encounter a scent you know your brain brings up the link to your past memory or mood. Sometimes as adults we've forgotten how to play. Building creative confidence so we feel free to innovate is essential as the rate of technological change continues. Why not programme or anchor an intention to a unique scent that you've created? Connect your fragrance to an event, a person, thing or future moment in time. When you smell your scent it will be ready to elicit your chosen mood or aspiration.

We love to bring people joy. We create a space for play. Patiently Create something uniquely yours, full of truth, wellbeing and beauty. We help you build creative confidence & deepen team connections.

Visit to Discover, Trust & Connect with the Nature. Share, Respect each others differences and celebrate your individual style. You take-home your own custom fragrance.

We host Sensory Experiences with wellbeing, beauty, travel and design niches; check out each gallery below. We custom design each sensory experience or you can choose from a Sleep, Work, Eat or Play theme.

Our clients include Air New Zealand, Auckland Art Gallery, Ecoya and Lululemon. We work globally from Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco and LA.

Feel free to contact us about us hosting a sensory experience by filling in the form below.

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