Native & Wild

Native & Wild Solid Perfume Design

Join us for a 2 hour virtual workshop where you’ll learn artisan blending techniques and how to create your own solid perfume infused with native Australian botanicals and aroma-science. Ideal for layering and travelling, solid perfumes satisfy your everyday needs without any hassle.


  • Perfume through time: Past, Present & Future
  • Discover 6 hero botanicals native to Asia-Pacific: Cold-pressed Australian Mandarin, Fragonia, Rosalina, Western Australian Sandalwood and Cedarwood.
  • How to improve the scent evolution and sillage of your designs
  • How to be your own perfume evaluator


  • Creative guidance online (pre-recorded webinar link sent after purchase) from host Maggie Kyle and Founder of Perfume Playground, Samantha Copland
  • All the materials to make 2 x solid perfumes: 6 natural essences and/or flower essences, beeswax, jojoba oil, 2 x solid perfume tins, tools (pipette, plastic cups, ceramic dish) & an instruction booklet on how to create your very own unique functional solid fragrance.
  • Experiment in a playful space and design a liquid-free fragrance.
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