We design Natural Fragrance
for Brands, People and Spaces who share a passion for scents ability to inspire, connect and be wholly life-enhancing


for Brands, People and Space

Are you looking to create more brand loyalty? We create scents for retail spaces, fashion shows, VIP & Client gifts, art exhibitions, Media launches, and events. Natural Fragrance for Fine Fragrance, Cosmetics, Candles, and more that works beyond the aroma, infused with native botanicals, flower essences and evidence-led aroma blends specifically designed to create shifts in mood and motivation.

Native Plants

We specialise in Asia-Pacific Native Plants. Perfumery notes like Yuzu, Manuka, Rosalina & Sandalwood.

Pure Fragrance

We care about the environment and our supply chain. Our natural essences are cruelty-free, vegan and for all genders.


We infuse our scents with gentle forms of natural healing, liquid infusions of herbs, botanicals & fresh flowers.

Design your own scent

Vegan, for all Genders & Synthetic-free
Perfume Workshop

Would you like to become a member of Australasia’s largest experimental fragrance club? Learn how to create your own natural perfume in New Zealand and Australia. 

Private Experience

Are you looking to create a remarkable event? We create bespoke private events to celebrate special moments.

The gift of Wellbeing, Performance & Beauty

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