Clubno. 4 Nadia Els

no. 4 Nadia Els

Nadia Els, Marketing & Brand Development Manager of Syrene Skincare shares with us her work journey and using natural products for her skin.

Nadia, tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m the Marketing Lead at Syrene Skincare for the NZ, AU and UK markets and have loved working on and growing this brand with my team over the past two years. I’m obsessed with skincare and love finding new, innovative ingredients to improve skin health. My PR background means I’m licensed to chat people up over coffee or drinks and I’m a firm believer of a good outfit on a bad day. If I’m not advocating skincare, I’m either on a Reformer Pilates machine, reading books on the modern woman or escaping to the beach.

Share a few things about Syrene Skincare and your journey with them so far!

Syrene is a luxury, New Zealand made skincare brand and was recently the first Kiwi business to launch into Australasian beauty giant MECCA, across NZ and AU. Syrene has a light-weight, gel based formula packed with marine extracts rich in antioxidants combined with natural, hydrating and soothing properties. I helped launch the brand into the NZ market back in 2017 when I worked in a PR agency and then moved in-house a couple of years ago because I adored the team and brand so much. 

What do you love about Syrene and why are you drawn to the brand/company?

I love our tight-knit team and how hard we all work to grow the business. Syrene’s products are absolutely beautiful. There is so much attention to detail that goes into making the products and developing the brand; from the packaging design, the ingredients chosen, to the story. Seeing the lovely customer responses we receive about our products, makes me love working for the brand more each day. It’s truly a really well-thought out skincare range that gives your skin so many benefits. My skin drinks it up and always looks super dewy and plump – especially after applying the best-selling Aqua Hydrating Masque. 

4. Syrene Skincare is about the ocean, serenity, and using natural essences. Tell us more! What natural essences/extracts are added into your products and why?

Syrene is an oceanic skincare brand, set out to remind you to find moments in your day to relax, be mindful and look after your skin. Syrene is suffused with natural extracts including Manuka Honey, Black Fern, Kawakawa, Pohutukawa and Seaweed that embody the purity of the New Zealand Pacific Ocean. Our formulas not only feel amazing on your skin, but have so many benefits for a dewy, hydrated and glowing complexion.

Do you use natural products/fragrances yourself, if so why? 

Yes, I use the full Syrene range. It’s the only natural product range that works for my skin. I then mix in other brands to incorporate oils and serums. We currently don’t have these in the Aqua range but watch this space!

What scents do you enjoy?

I never get sick of the Syrene natural fragrance. It’s just beautiful. The team worked with a French nose to create a custom scent for the Aqua range, reminiscent of a seabreeze – I think they nailed it. Other scents that lure me in are Rose, Geranium, Freesia, Honeysuckle and Gardenia.

Perfume Playground did a collaboration with Syrene Skincare in Sydney. Why did you choose us?

Because Syrene’s essence is about finding moments in your day to relax and be mindful, we wanted to bring this to life and host an event where attendees would have an hour to complete a mindful workshop while learning more about Syrene. Perfume Playground’s fragrance workshop was perfect for this and we know our guests felt relaxed, while learning and creating. It was a moment all for themselves.

We’re so excited for our next collaboration “Fragrance and Flowers Roadshow”! Tell us about your involvement and why did you choose to collaborate with us on this project.

I love community events and this concept was genius and very on brand for Syrene’s essence. We gifted products for Perfume Playground’s lovely guests to take home and use as a mindful beauty ritual.


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