ClubScent Design for couples

Scent Design for couples

Our latest club member story featured Binuri and Gino who shared their heart warming scent design experience in the lead up to their big day. Their story was such a hit that we decided to take 5 with Perfume Host Maggie, for a behind the scenes scoop on scent design for couples.

Maggie, talk to us about the atmosphere you curate for a couples scent design session?

Being a couples event, I wanted to create an intimate, calming environment free of distractions so they could focus on each other and the perfumes they were designing. I decided to host Binuri and Gino in the library section at Work Club Melbourne. They had their own cozy corner surrounded by all our perfume essences. The lighting was soft, the music was relaxed, it was just a very chill, comfortable vibe.

What was it like guiding Binuri and Gino to create fragrances for one of the most important days of their lives?

Reflecting on it, I am so happy to have been a part of their journey. It was a very intentional and intimate moment to celebrate their love for one another ahead of the wedding.

As a fragrance expert, what was your take on the scent that Binrui created?

Her fragrance was perfectly suited to Binuri’s past, present and future. Being a fan of smoky, woody and spicy scents, she was immediately drawn to Blood Cedarwood and Sandalwood. She then added Tangerine to bring a soft, playful, uplifting energy to the top of the scent. In the middle, she used Clary Sage and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Clary Sage is known to promote feelings of calmness and clarity. Her selections for each ingredient were very confident and linked back to the desired emotions she wanted to evoke for the special day. I loved that she had a very clear brief in mind, and it was very refreshing to see her be so self-assured in her scent selections.

Gino described his fragrance as an ‘unexpected surprise’ and speaks of playing around with the oils, mixing whatever scents he liked and “magic was created!” Moments like these must be fun to witness?

Yes, it is so great to see people have fun, let loose and really be guided by their nose!

Binuri mentioned that the excitement of creating the scents together made her feel calmer and more grounded for her big day – that’s huge! What does this say about the power of scent?

The power of scent is undeniable! It is a great way to feel grounded and connect to yourself and the environment around you while tapping into emotions and memories.

What events or reasons typically lead a couple to see you for a scent design session?

I have hosted couples at our Masterclass and Classic Club events – usually celebrating a birthday, anniversary or one partner is supporting the other partner’s love of perfume.

Maggie, we’ll leave the last word to you…

Tuning into your emotions while using your sense of smell is so important. Scent is directly linked to memory and emotion and creating a custom blend to capture the memory and emotions of a special event like a wedding is such an incredible idea.

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