Clubno. 11 Kyle Taylor

no. 11 Kyle Taylor

Meet Kyle Taylor. Our scent design client, lover of opulence, individualism and fashion. Like the man himself, his fragrance is set to be one of a kind. Here are a few words from our recent chat with Kyle.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a creative individual with a background in drama and theatre performance. Moving into a direction of fashion and unique individualism.

We’ve loved delving into scent exploration with you. Your perfume is set to be iconic! Tell us, who are your favourite icons?

Zack Pinsent, Omar Rudbuerg, Kim Jones.

Your debut fragrance will unleash desire and confidence in its wearer. When are you at your most confident?

I’m at my most confident wearing something that I have designed and made for myself.

How would close friends or family describe you?

Chaotic and impulsive. Free moving, someone who moves to the beat of their own drum.

What inspires you creatively? And what do you do if you ever have a creative block?

Photography is a huge creative inspiration to me. When I have a creative block scrolling through Pinterest whilst listening to a single song on repeat something will click and ideas will flow.

What are your thoughts around scent and sex appeal?

Biology shows that certain smells can trigger all sorts of feelings within us. Using things like pheremones to enhance sex appeal is no different to using makeup, to enhance beauty or eating certain foods which contain aphrodisiacs.


Ancient Rome. It’s such an interesting point in time that has always fascinated me. It would be incredible to see the structure of that time first-hand and unfiltered through historian biases.

What’s your favourite scent memory?

We always had fresh mulch or soil in my yard when I was growing up, so whenever I smell it it brings me back to that time.

How will one be able to tell when a scent or suit is designed by you?

I always hope to create something that screams. When you see it you will know. But the devil is always in the detail. Something small which carries and whispers where it came from.

Why did you feel called to work with Perfume Playground to bring your creative dreams into reality?

I felt that they could capture what I truly needed. I had a creative concept, but no hard idea of what it should be and Perfume Playground gave me the opportunity to play and see what worked.

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