ClubNo. 28 Catherine Yuwono

No. 28 Catherine Yuwono

Scents are a powerful tool for designers. They add another dimension to their client’s experience. Take, for example, Catherine who is a graduate of Interior Design in Indonesia. She often includes scents in designing her projects. 

Catherine, tell us about yourself? (This doesn’t need to be confined to what job you do – feel free to share anything that paints a picture of who you are and how you feel in this world).

I’m a recently graduated interior designer from a small town called Bandung in Indonesia. I have always enjoyed scents because of my culture but also my sensitive nose. During my studies, I often include scent as a way to design an experience and interior design.


Because I used to live in a small town in Indonesia, I often miss the natural/ organic/ spice smells from my surroundings, hence, I want to learn how to make scents from essences. Moreover, I want to discover more Australian native plants.

How would you describe the fragrance you designed with us?

I forget about the name of the essences, but I remember it being musky and fresh

What did you enjoy most (or what surprised you most) about the experience?

I love the people’s interaction and connection. I also love the fact that I can apply the technique to make my own perfumes at home.

We know you’ve been using scent in your design practice, can you tell us about that?

During my major project, I wanted to enhance the power of scent for our memories and people interactions in the everydays especially for retail. I created a workshop/ retail/ library experience in Melbourne CBD that focused on smell construction and deconstruction. The aim for that project was to create a more meaningful and engaging retail environment that embraced the idea of slowing down within the interior (materials, details, and forms), people and smell.

What other artistic practises are you interested in?

I am really interested in jewelry, furniture and lighting. I also like to enjoy food from food artists (different from a chef, they are the ones who usually pair “fancy” food with “fancy” experiences/interiors).

Favourite book or podcast?

I love to read self-care books such as “A Gentle Reminder” by Bianca Sparacino and “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim.

Can you share with our audience your favourite quote or piece of advice?

“The more grateful we feel, the happier we become. This is because gratitude helps us realize we are all connected. Nobody feels like an island when feeling grateful. Gratitude awakens us to the truth of our interdependent nature.”

The quote is from “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim.

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