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Growing up, Father’s Day was about crafting dad something out of nothing. A token of your time and effort to show him how much you care; a crazy card, an even crazier piece of art. We might be grown-ups ourselves now, but making something for dad still means just as much as it did to him back then.  
Elevate your arty gifts of yesteryear and surprise Dad with a bespoke natural fragrance this Father’s Day. Join any of our upcoming workshops to enjoy access to our scent library of natural botanicals and get inspired by our top tips for creating the perfect fragrance for Dad.

3 ways to create the perfect fragrance for Dad 
How would he like to be complimented? 

One of our favourite tips comes care of our founder and forever muse, Samantha. “I would think about what kind of compliment he would like to receive from his scent. Fragrance-wise, men typically want to be complimented for being rich and earthy, or fresh and clean. Think about how your dad would like to feel, and then go for what kinds of scents actually match up with those.”

What side of Dad do you think deserves more airtime?

Reflecting on what fragrance she would make for her late dad, Samantha shares that while she would start with the notes she knows he would have enjoyed; sandalwood, black pepper and lemon. But she would also add some unexpected notes that she believes he would have objected to, if told about them. “I would’ve been like, ‘Hey Dad, let’s get some tobacco or some cherry in there. I would’ve designed the scent for the party boy inside him that I didn’t get to see as much.” 

Infuse it with memories

Take a trip down memory lane and incorporate scent notes that remind you of moments with dad. How your family home smelt, a scent note reminiscent of the beach visits you all took as a family, the fig trees that grew in abundance along the fence he built. For an extra special touch, tell Dad what memory each scent note stands for.  

At the end of the day, if it’s made by you, it’ll make Dad’s day. Alternatively, gift Dad the chance to create his own scent, and come along with him. Workshops are live on our site, and we’d love nothing more than to help you make new memories together.

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