As the year goes by, it’s easy for our motivation to dissipate, particularly when it comes to work. The good news is, there is a world of ways we can support our senses to get the most out of our hard-earned time and effort. Like music and light, scent also has the power to help us concentrate with clarity and work more efficiently. 

At Perfume Playground, we design Natural Fragrance that works beyond the aroma and use blends specifically designed to create shifts in mood and motivation. Whether you’re in need of a mid-morning boost, creative inspiration, need to shake off stress or simply zero in and focus on finishing an important report, we’ve compiled some of our favourite fragrance notes to help you get ‘in the zone’.  


Clary Sage: Lift your spirits without disconnecting from reality or the work ahead. Clary Sage is a powerful scent to steady the mind and restore clarity. Research also associates Clary Sage with improved memory capability and greater awareness. 


Coriander Leaf: The fresh, energising scent of Coriander Leaf aids mental clarity. As a bonus, it works to boost immunity, and fewer sick days means more time for high-quality work!  

Lemon: Try a burst of citrus for invigoration, clear thinking and decisiveness. With its powerful cleansing properties, those who toil with habits of overthinking can use lemon to promote a fresh start and inspire new ideas. A natural stress reliever and mood enhancer – we couldn’t think of a better work companion!  


Pink Pepper: Pink Pepper acts as a stimulant and is an excellent choice to help enhance alertness and stamina. Side note; avoid Pink Pepper before bedtime.  


Rosemary: Maybe the most surprising all-rounder, Rosemary has been proven to significantly reduce stress levels and nervous tension, boost mental activity and relieve fatigue. It’s also used to improve alertness, reduce negative moods, and increase retention by enhancing concentration. Spiritually it’s aligned with the Third eye chakra and is revered as a psychic protector, helpful whenever clarity is needed.  

pink pepper

Any one of these fragrance notes can be included in a natural perfume blend to encourage a ‘work mode’ mindset and create an atmosphere that promotes high-functioning clarity and creativity. Join any of our upcoming workshops to create yours!

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